International Student Testimonials

The video above was created by Loyalist College student Rhythm Rathi as part of a class project.



Lia Thomas De Andrade

“I chose Loyalist College based on location, competitive costs and the academic reputation of the Paralegal program. The small class sizes created an outstanding learning environment and my teachers genuinely wanted me to succeed. During my placement, I realized that much of what I was learning in class is directly applicable to real-life situations. I am enjoying the lifestyle in Canada and feel a part of Belleville’s community.”

Lia Thomas De Andrade


“I chose Loyalist College based on the academic opportunities and the location of the College. The career opportunities are promising and we are very happy living in Belleville. It’s a quiet, peaceful and prosperous city that has been incredibly welcoming to my husband and I. The small class sizes are ideal for learning and make it easy to make new friends. I’m grateful for the support provided by instructors and classmates in and outside of class. Loyalist College truly cares about their students and makes me feel like I belong here.”

Ana María Farieta Velasquez
Human Resources Management


“There are many benefits to studying at Loyalist College in Belleville. It’s a small, peaceful city that’s easy to navigate and is full of opportunities. The education and placement experience I received was outstanding. I always felt supported by Loyalist faculty, my classmates and the community. The Business Sales and Marketing program challenged me to learn and grow while the learning environment allowed me to stay calm and focused. As a proud Loyalist graduate, I feel completely prepared for the next chapter in my life.”

Humera Zuberbhai Biradar
Business Sales and Marketing

“Loyalist College made going back to school an easy decision for me. From the beginning, they saw my potential as a student eager to learn and grow my career. The admission process was simple and smooth which was reassuring that this was the College for me. The Project Management program has sharpened my leadership and communication skills while equipping me with the confidence to successfully re-enter the workforce. Loyalist made it easy for me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of and achieve new goals.”

Aarthi Shanmugasundaram 
Project Management (post-graduate)

“I’m impressed by the learning environment and quality of education at Loyalist College. The College has truly been a launch pad and has enabled me to thrive. I’ve formed meaningful connections with colleagues and the faculty make me feel at home with their patience and kindness. My experience has given me the tools and the skills to build my own successful future.”


Rajveer Kaur Wazir 
Global Business Management (post-graduate)

“Coming to Loyalist College from India was a hugely enjoyable and greatly rewarding experience. For me, Loyalist College was more than just a great education; it was a whole new lifestyle! The relationships I still have, not only with other students but also with my professors, are something I’ll cherish for my lifetime.”

Tess Anna Cyriac

Project Management (post-graduate)

Mansi Patel

“Loyalist College offers engaging student life activities on campus that encourage mingling and sharing cultural experiences between students. Meeting new friends outside of class facilitates an incredible positive learning environment throughout the College. I feel that Loyalist is a place that welcomes your culture and provides an opportunity for international students to embrace Canadian culture.”

Mansi Patel
Public Relations – Event Management (post-graduate)

Kavya Rapeti “Belleville is a warm and welcoming city, which makes me feel at home. I’m able to focus on my academics and prosper while benefitting from a positive and safe community. I’m fortunate to be a part of Loyalist College, where every effort is acknowledged and appreciated. I take pride in being able to learn at Loyalist and look forward to future endeavours.”

Kavya Rapeti
Global Business Management (post-graduate)

Anupam Saha

“Studying in Canada has been incredible. This country is full of opportunities and I love the people. The faculty at Loyalist College are knowledgeable and they have valuable industry experiences that they share with their students. They teach us about real life situations that we will be able to directly apply to our careers.”

Anupam Saha
Project Management (post-graduate)


Rami El Masri

“Right from the first week in class I’ve felt that I’ve accomplished so much in a short amount of time. I’ve learned both artistic and technical components that will open multiple future career opportunities. The faculty even taught us how to find and apply for jobs so I know exactly what to expect. Loyalist has expanded my technical skills and refined my personal skills providing me with the confidence that I will be successful.”

Rami El Masri
Interactive Media Development – Animation and Game Development


“Loyalist College motivated me to express myself by actively participating in class discussions and being a valuable team member during group assignments. In addition to hands-on training and theory, my instructors mentored me to be an asset in the business world by refining my communication skills. I’m more open, bold and confident in my abilities.”

Franklyn Ifeanyi Obunabor
Global Business Management (post-graduate)

Oigbesoh “Daniel” Oghenakogie

“I fell in love with Loyalist College as soon as I arrived. The College is located in Belleville which is a quiet and peaceful community close to big cities. I’m impressed with the technology in Loyalist’s Biotechnology labs and with the dedicated faculty and staff who create a positive learning environment for every student.”

Oigbesoh “Daniel” Oghenakogie


Ronald Rivera“My experience at Loyalist College has been life-changing. The people I’ve met here are so friendly and welcoming – they make you feel like you belong. One of the reasons I chose to study at Loyalist was because of the lower student-to-faculty ratio. The professors get to know you personally and take a genuine interest in your success. They encourage you to achieve more and guide you through the process.”

Ronald Rivera
Media Experience


“As I reflect on my last few months at Loyalist College and realize I’ve accomplished so much in a short period of time. We often do group work and presentations in class and I have noticed how much my confidence has grown. I am comfortable talking in front of an audience and making meaningful personal connections. Loyalist’s faculty are supportive, approachable and always willing to help students.”

Maureen Mukundwa
Project Management (post-graduate)


Mariia Khanenko

“The main reason I chose Loyalist College was because of the location and the small class sizes. Living in Belleville makes it easy for me to visit Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and even the United States. The faculty at Loyalist provide unparalleled support academically and personally. The International Centre organizes engaging campus activities where you can meet other students from different parts of the world. At Loyalist, support comes from all angles and everyone makes sure you have the tools you need to succeed.”

Mariia Khanenko
Journalism – Communications


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