International Student Testimonials

Discover the unique experiences of international students from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, India, Iran Lebanon, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and Ukraine. Their testimonials offer insights into studying at #DestinationLoyalist and living in our close-knit College community.


“Loyalist College has made me feel valued and significant. With my professors’ support, I’m pursuing my dream of working with female athletes, free from gender inequality issues. I’ve been lucky to make friends from various countries, and the College embraces our diverse cultures. I feel secure and excited about making my own future here.”

Fitness and Health Promotion


Loyalist College has shown outstanding dedication in every area of campus life. The focus on practical learning in workshops has provided me with valuable real-world skills, preparing me for my future career. The constant support from faculty and staff has created a positive environment where students can succeed and reach their full potential.

Motive Power Technician


I selected Loyalist College’s Business Program because of its diverse job prospects and convenient location. From day one, I’ve received warm welcomes from both faculty members and the Belleville community. The college has outstanding faculty and provides comprehensive support tailored to the needs of international students. Being part of this community showed me I have the power to do big things!


“Loyalist College’s Business – Accounting program is outstanding, and my professors are dedicated to my education. I made the deliberate choice to study in Belleville because I wanted to live in a peaceful, safe community with promising job prospects. My advice to fellow students is simple: give it your all. Put in your best effort, connect with your professors, and make lasting friendships along the way. College is more than just academics; it’s a chance to create memories and enjoy this unique time in your life.”

Business – Accounting

Lia Thomas De Andrade

“I chose Loyalist College based on location, competitive costs and the academic reputation of the Paralegal program. The small class sizes created an outstanding learning environment and my teachers genuinely wanted me to succeed. During my placement, I realized that much of what I was learning in class is directly applicable to real-life situations. I am enjoying the lifestyle in Canada and feel a part of Belleville’s community.”



“I chose Loyalist College based on the academic opportunities and the location of the College. The career opportunities are promising and we are very happy living in Belleville. It’s a quiet, peaceful and prosperous city that has been incredibly welcoming to my husband and I. The small class sizes are ideal for learning and make it easy to make new friends. I’m grateful for the support provided by instructors and classmates in and outside of class. Loyalist College truly cares about their students and makes me feel like I belong here.”

Ana María
Human Resources Management


“Loyalist College’s supportive staff motivated me to participate in diverse campus activities, setting the stage for my personal growth. Winning the Student Governor election in April 2023 was a major achievement, highlighting the college’s dedication to student success. These two years have been an incredible period of transformation and development. My journey exemplifies that with dedication, hard work, and the right environment, anyone can achieve their goals.”

Environmental Technology

Moving from Kerala, India to Belleville has given me a distinct and contrasting experience, particularly regarding transportation, shopping, and dining. If you value a tranquil and serene natural setting, this is an ideal destination. The local community is exceptionally welcoming, and their sincere hospitality has made me feel truly embraced and included. This kindness mirrors the city’s friendly reputation, ensuring a comfortable living experience for students like me.”

Global Business Management (post-graduate)

“I come from a competitive background where constant activity was the norm. However, here, the pace is slower, and there’s a refreshing focus on quality of life. Belleville has pleanty of open green spaces and impressive historic houses. The scenic landscapes have captivated me and make it an appealing place to settle down.”

Project Management (post-graduate)

“Loyalist College is dedicated to student success, offering quality education and wrap-around support. Even during my absence due to illness, the Equitable Learning Team went the extra mile to help me catch up on missed assignments.”

Business Sales and Marketing

“My journey as a Project Management student at Loyalist College has been truly life-changing. The well-structured courses, supportive professors, and friendly atmosphere have not only taught me important project management skills but also encouraged me to embrace change and keep learning.”

Project Management (post-graduate)

“Belleville is a wonderful city! Despite its smaller size, it has great potential to offer exciting opportunities for your future. The city is charming, with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, while also presenting endless possibilities that I’m confident will shape my future journey.”

Advanced Filmmaking – Digital Content Creation

“My Loyalist College experience has been amazing so far. I’ve enjoyed every moment since I first arrived. The professors are outstanding and want their students to thrive. It’s been a truly enriching experience that’s prepared me not only for a successful career but also for an exciting future ahead.”

Project Management (post-graduate)

“Loyalist College offers an incredible experience for international students. The Shark Tank Pub is a great place to socialize and enjoy a night out. The Business Sales and Marketing Program provides reliable support from professors and promising educational oppourtunities including job shadows and guest speakers.”

Business Sales and Marketing

“Loyalist College is a close-knit community of outstanding individuals coming together to make a better future. The college’s dedicated faculty and staff create an inspiring and supportive learning atmosphere. The college hosts all kinds of fun and social activities, allowing students to engage, make friends, and cherish moments.”

Community and Justice Services

“My time at Loyalist College has been really great. The friendly and helpful staff, along with the valuable learning and skill development, have made my experience here enjoyable. Loyalist is a great place for both personal and academic growth, and I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics

“I have a passion for socializing and engaging with people, and Loyalist College provides numerous opportunities for making connections. As I began to into explore the Quinte region and the local community, I realized that Belleville is a truly wonderful place to call home. Belleville residents are known for their welcoming and considerate nature, and I’ve been able to establish meaningful relationships since moving here. It’s an ideal environment for both personal and academic growth.”

Global Business Management (post-graduate)

“I had high expectations before coming here, and I’m thrilled to say Loyalist College exceeded them. I love it so much that I’m taking another program and working for the College as a Loyalist Life Ambassador. I’m also part of the Student Government, and this role has allowed me to collaborate with the College Executive Team, providing valuable personal and professional development.”

Human Resources Management

“At Loyalist College, I’ve experienced a dynamic learning environment with dedicated faculty, cutting-edge resources, and hands-on coursework that improved my skills. The supportive community, along with Loyalist’s focus on innovation and career development, aligns with my goals, fostering personal and academic growth. I’m grateful for these experiences, as Loyalist College offers a unique and comprehensive education platform.”

Cyber Security

What I appreciate most about Loyalist College is its dedication to student well-being. Through a variety of mental health and wellness services, including counseling sessions and mindfulness workshops, the college ensures that students have access to support resources for maintaining their overall health and happiness.”

Business Sales and Marketing

“As an international student, adjusting to a new atmosphere was challenging, but choosing Loyalist College was a decision I’m proud of. The helpful and patient staff, along with supportive teachers, made my journey through fourth semester fulfilling. I’ll miss the college and faculty when I graduate.”

Business Sales and Marketing

“As a sports enthusiast, my time at Loyalist College has been thoroughly enjoyable, particularly in the well-kept college residences where I’ve dedicated ample hours to refining my cricket skills and fostering friendships through friendly matches with fellow students.”

Business Sales and Marketing


Loyalist College has become my second home, offering a sense of belonging and strong support. Despite its size, the college provides impressive services to students worldwide. The skilled trades instructors are exceptional, offering valuable career guidance and academic support. I highly recommend Loyalist College for quality education and an amazing campus experience.”

Welding and Fabrication Technician


“Belleville is a charming small town with big-city amenities. Its rich history and nearby natural beauty make it perfect for living, studying, and exploring. The Quinte region offers lots of chances for hands-on learning and industry experience. Life in Canada has been transformative, providing a mix of cultural immersion and intellectual growth. Canadians are known for being warm and friendly, making it easy to feel welcomed and included.”

Global Business Management (post-graduate)

Rami El Masri

“Right from the first week in class I’ve felt that I’ve accomplished so much in a short amount of time. I’ve learned both artistic and technical components that will open multiple future career opportunities. The faculty even taught us how to find and apply for jobs so I know exactly what to expect. Loyalist has expanded my technical skills and refined my personal skills providing me with the confidence that I will be successful.”

Interactive Media Development – Animation and Game Development


In my short time at Loyalist, I’ve acquired valuable knowledge, formed important connections, and discovered more about myself. The strong support from peers, faculty, and staff has made Loyalist feel like a second home. Being here offers not just academic and career growth, but also significant personal development.

Early Childhood Education

“Loyalist College has been a great experience. As an international student, I feel valued and respected here. The cultural mix is great, allowing us to learn about various countries and traditions, making the college feel welcoming to all. Plus, Belleville’s calm and quiet atmosphere is perfect for students like me.”

Chemical Engineering Technician


“Loyalist College offers a high-quality education. Living in Canada is a special and fulfilling experience. One important lesson I’ve learned here is how to balance academic studies, part-time work, and daily routines effectively. I’ve adapted well and thrived in this new environment.”

Fitness and Health Promotion


Loyalist College is renowned for welcoming international students in a safe and multinational learning environment. The professors are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields, making it a knowledge-driven institution. Loyalist’s diverse international student body, excellent programs, and global reputation are life-changing for me.”

Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics 

“I find Belleville, Canada, to be a wonderfully relaxing place with a warm and welcoming community for international students. My classroom experience has been incredibly fulfilling. We are exposed to the latest innovations and the skills essential for the professional world. Loyalist College is my top choice because the professors are always eager to support us in achieving our goals. My advice to anyone considering it is simple: don’t hesitate, choose Loyalist as your destination for higher education – you won’t regret it.”

Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics 
Project Management 

“Loyalist College and the Belleville community have been incredibly supportive. They’ve not only recognized my talents but also helped me grow professionally. My journey at Loyalist College has been amazing, filled with exciting on-campus opportunities, such as hosting cooking workshops for fellow students. My advice to all incoming Loyalist College students is to embrace every opportunity that comes your way and put your best effort into it. Loyalist College will truly bring out the best in you.”

Culinary Management

“Selecting Loyalist College has proven to be a fantastic decision for me. The College and Belleville are both developing, offering convenience, safety, within a friendly community. I encourage other international students to consider Loyalist College because it provides all the things you’d want in Ontario. Belleville is an affordable and well-connected city. You’ll love it here!”

Project Management (post-graduate)

“I really enjoy Loyalist College’s Fitness and Health program. The student support at Loyalist has provided all the resources for my fellow students and me to succeed. To new international students, I want to say that being a student here is a great opportunity. Loyalist has everything in order for you to have a wonderful time as a student and even after you graduate. Loyalist will always be there to help you!”

Fitness and Health Promotion

“Loyalist College motivated me to express myself by actively participating in class discussions and being a valuable team member during group assignments. In addition to hands-on training and theory, my instructors mentored me to be an asset in the business world by refining my communication skills. I’m more open, bold and confident in my abilities.”

Global Business Management (post-graduate)

Oigbesoh “Daniel” Oghenakogie

“I fell in love with Loyalist College as soon as I arrived. The College is located in Belleville which is a quiet and peaceful community close to big cities. I’m impressed with the technology in Loyalist’s Biotechnology labs and with the dedicated faculty and staff who create a positive learning environment for every student.”

Oigbesoh “Daniel”


“Loyalist College offers a unique learning experience. The teachers excel in their subjects and are dedicated to helping students succeed. What I appreciate most is the balanced focus on both academic and personal growth. I also enjoy the diverse extracurricular activities that promote student integration and create a comfortable environment.”

Computer Systems Technician


“I chose Loyalist College for its excellent education and the unique, enriching experience of life in Canada. My time here has taught me effective academic, work, and daily life management, allowing me to excel in this new environment.”


“Studying at Loyalist College as an international student is a special and thrilling journey. My transition to life in Belleville, Canada, has brought about positive changes that greatly impacted my family’s experience. Having moved from the Philippines with my husband and two sons, I appreciate the warm atmosphere of our new home.”

Global Business Management (post-graduate)

“This will be my first Winter experience, and I’m excited to see snow falling. While things may be more affordable back home, Canada offers better compensation. Living in Belleville is perfect for me – I love nature and being outside. The people are nice and friendly, which I really appreciate.”

Social Service Worker

Belleville is a small city, but it offers lots of opportunities. The residents here are welcoming with their warm hearts and smiles. This sense of kindness is something I hadn’t quite experienced back in the Philippines.  The supportive atmosphere and the many opportunities have made my experience at Loyalist College incredibly fulfilling..”

Global Business Management (post-graduate)

“My experience at Loyalist College has been terrific. The professors and staff are friendly, helpful, and welcoming. I enjoyed participating in college events, and the support for international students truly enhanced my experience.”

Global Business Management (post-graduate)

Sri Lanka

Loyalist College feels like home to me. I appreciate the mix of hands-on and theoretical learning in class. The fun events and activities have given me many chances to make friends. I am grateful to be part of this amazing community!

Civil Engineering Technician

“I feel lucky to be at Loyalist College, a fantastic place to pursue our future goals. The faculty and staff offer excellent support, both academically and personally, caring about our well-being. They prioritize our mental health to enhance our experience. Moreover, the college plans exciting events for students to join and make lasting memories.”

Early Childhood Education

“Loyalist College has surpassed my expectations by offering a well-rounded education that extends beyond academics. Its vibrant campus life, diverse community, and emphasis on real-world skills have enriched my educational journey and prepared me for my career. I’m proud to be a part of a college that values excellence, diversity, and student success.”

Rukshani Aponsu
Human Resources Management


“Loyalist College is outstanding, providing excellent education with committed professors, a lively campus life, and fantastic growth opportunities. The supportive community and engaging learning environment make it an exceptional place to pursue academic goals.”

Social Service Worker

“As I reflect on my last few months at Loyalist College and realize I’ve accomplished so much in a short period of time. We often do group work and presentations in class and I have noticed how much my confidence has grown. I am comfortable talking in front of an audience and making meaningful personal connections. Loyalist’s faculty are supportive, approachable and always willing to help students.”

Business Sales and Marketing


I appreciate being part of the Loyalist community. The College has created a welcoming and supportive environment, making my transition as an international Ukrainian student easier. The focus on academic excellence and the chances for personal and professional growth have surpassed my expectations. I’m proud to be a Loyalist student and excited for the journey ahead.”

Nursing – Honours Bachelor of Science

Mariia Khanenko

“The main reason I chose Loyalist College was because of the location and the small class sizes. Living in Belleville makes it easy for me to visit Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and even the United States. The faculty at Loyalist provide unparalleled support academically and personally. The International Centre organizes engaging campus activities where you can meet other students from different parts of the world. At Loyalist, support comes from all angles, and everyone makes sure you have the tools you need to succeed.”

Journalism – Communications

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