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What to do in case of an emergency 

If you are advised to evacuate:

  • Turn off cooking, electrical and laboratory equipment, including gas valves, where possible.
  • Close, but don’t lock the door when exiting.
  • Follow instructions of Fire Wardens and other Emergency Response Team members.
  • Fire Wardens will normally be wearing a reflective orange vest. Other Emergency Team Members will be wearing a reflective yellow vest.
  • Calmly evacuate the building using the nearest exit. Use an alternate exit if you encounter smoke, fire or other hazard. Do not use the elevator.
  • Move away from the building at least 30 metres, leaving clear access for responding emergency services.
  • Do not reenter the building until authorized by an Emergency Response Team member or public address announcement gives the “all clear”. 

If you are unable to evacuate:

  • Contact 9-1-1 and, if possible, College Security (2222) and give your location. College Security may also be reached by pressing the red button on any of the Emergency Communication boxes located on campus.
  • Close the room door and use available materials to seal the door and air ducts.
  • If smoke enters the room, stay low.
  • Persons with mobility difficulties or who use wheelchairs should move to an area of refuge such as a stairwell away from the emergency or an exterior room with a window in the event that external rescue is required. Do not use an elevator unless cleared to do so by the Fire Department. In some emergency situations, such as ones involving violent behaviour with firearms or some natural disasters such as a tornado, evacuation may not be a safe response alternative. 

If you are advised to lock down:

  • Remain at your current location. If you are in an open area, enter the nearest office, classroom or lab. Lock doors, if possible. Turn out lights if safe to do so.
  • Stay away from windows. Close curtains or blinds, if available. Take cover, out of sight from door or window viewing.
  • Turn off cell phone to protect emergency communications.
  • If one is available, turn on the computer in order to receive direction and updates.
  • Remain calm and quiet until an “all clear” message is communicated by Police, identifiable Emergency Response Team members, all-clear alarm with a public address announcement or computer notification.
  • Note of Caution: If the fire alarm is activated during a lockdown, unless you see fire or smell smoke, remain where you are and wait for further direction.
  • If you are outside when a lockdown is initiated, do not enter the College. Quickly move away from the building and await further direction from Police or ERT members. 

If you are advised to take shelter-in-place:

  • Remain inside the College buildings. Avoid large unsupported areas such as the gymnasium or large lecture theatres. You may be advised to take shelter under sturdy furniture or structures or to proceed, via stairwells to the ground floor hallway to shelter-in-place.
  • Stay away from windows, outside walls and doors.
  • Remain calm until an “all clear” message is communicated by Emergency Response Team members or public address announcement. 

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