Loyalist Alumni Mentorship Program

The Loyalist College Café — Loyalist College’s online networking and mentoring platform powered by Ten Thousand Coffees.

The Loyalist College Café is a cross-disciplinary mentorship program linking current students and recent graduates of Loyalist College with alumni and industry professionals in the community to offer guidance when navigating their studies and the career landscape. There is no membership fee, and the service is available to students and alumni at any stage of their careers.

This program includes an online/offline approach for students and alumni to connect over a Coffee Chat. Powered by Ten Thousand Coffees, the Loyalist College Café is a mentorship and networking connector that brings alumni and students together for meaningful career conversations, based on specific career interests and goals. You won’t need to remember to log on to yet another platform on a regular basis in order to get the most out of the 10KC platform. Instead, you can set your interests and goals once and then update your profile as your experience grows. Create an online profile and start connecting today.

Take an hour every one to three months to meet someone new from Loyalist and create an opportunity to learn, share and answer questions.

Our first matches will be made in May 2019 — Sign up Now

How does the Loyalist College Café work?
  • You’ll receive an introduction each month to a Loyalist College student or grad based on your career interests and goals.
  • “Say hello” and suggest a time to chat, in-person at a coffee shop that’s convenient for both of you, or online to exchange ideas and share your experience.
  • Conversation themes and icebreakers will be provided for each chat.
  • You will receive an official LinkedIn certification to recognize your commitment to continuous learning and career advancement.
  • Once you join, all introductions are sent directly to your email inbox. 



*Privacy Notice

Loyalist College makes the mentoring program available to you for your personal use on a voluntary basis. By joining the Loyalist College Cafe, you will be leaving the Loyalist College website and going to the Ten Thousand Coffees website, which is partially hosted outside of Canada. During the registration process, you will be asked to provide your name and other identifying information. By using Ten Thousand Coffees, you are consenting to the storage of this information in the United States. Canadian privacy laws do not apply to personal information you provide directly to Ten Thousand Coffees.

When you sign up, you may wish to review the Ten Thousand Coffees Privacy Policy and Terms of Reference. Loyalist College does not provide any personal information about you to Ten Thousand coffees. Loyalist College does access the information stored on its Ten Thousand Coffees site. Loyalist College may collect personal information of alumni for the purpose of its alumni services. The College’s collection of personal information complies with section 26 of the FIPPA and CASL. For a detailed listing of the collection purposes see Privacy and Legal. Questions about the collection of information by Ten Thousand Coffees or Loyalist College may be directed to the FOI Coordinator at 613-969-1913, ext. 2331.

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