The Loyalist College Foundation

The Loyalist College Foundation was established in 1995 to provide leadership in meeting the goals for long-term development and fundraising to benefit the students and programs at Loyalist College.

Foundation documents


If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Foundation Annual Report, please contact Jeremy Laurin at

For more information, please email the Foundation at

Foundation quick facts 

Endowment fund balance at March 31, 2022:  $13,627,287

Number of awards presented from endowed funds (2021-2022):  204

Value of awards presented from endowed funds (2021-2022):  $90,944

The Loyalist College Foundation Board of Directors
(Fiscal Year 2022-2023)

Community Directors

Brian Smith, Chair
George Reddom, Vice-Chair
Doug Couture
Tim Farrell
Sandra Latchford


Mark Kirkpatrick, President and CEO
Pam Jolliffe, College Board Chair
Jeremy Laurin, Secretary
Cindy Webster, Acting Treasurer

Honorary Patrons

Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, Chair
Kathryn E. Burns
Bernie Ouellet
Dr. Nick Quickert
Ted Rutter
Susan Scarborough
Dianne Spencer
Roli Tipper
Beverley Townsend
Audrey Williams