Student Experience

The Student Engagement and Experience team at Loyalist College is here to make your college journey unforgettable! We’re all about bringing you a variety of events, services, and programs that not only make campus life fun but also align with our college values of being Caring, Inclusive, Engaging, Accountable, and Creative.

Here are the services that our team leads:

Student Experience and Engagement Office 

Our office is located in S1 in the Shark Tank Pub. Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. We offer regular events and activities that you can check out on our events calendar.

Our team of students, the Loyalist Life Ambassadors help us lead and deliver all these events and activities as well as others across campus. Each year, we hire a large student team, if you are interested in getting involved, keep an eye out for more information on how you can join the Loyalist Life Ambassadors. It’s a great opportunity to engage in campus life and make a difference!

Shark Tank Pub

The Shark Tank Pub is the heart of student activities, both during the day and at night, on our campus. Don’t miss our weekly Sharkie Socials every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm, and be sure to check out our exciting pub nights. You can find all the details in our monthly programming calendar.


Our team takes the lead in organizing and coordinating Orientation Weeks for all students at the beginning of the Spring, Fall, and Winter semesters.

Student Food Cupboard

An emergency resource available to Loyalist College students who are experiencing food insecurity.

Student Government

Our team assists YOUR elected Student Government with their various initiatives and activities across campus. Learn more about the Student Government experience here!

Student Clubs & Communities

Student Clubs offer great opportunities to engage with campus life. Get involved by participating in club events and activities, joining an existing club, or even starting your own!

For other activities and supports across campus you may want to check out: