Loyalist Student Food Cupboard

The Loyalist Food Cupboard is a free service designed to support the health and well-being of Loyalist College students.

Students in need can shop for available non-perishable food, school supplies and personal hygiene items. All products in the Loyalist Student Food Cupboard (Room 3L1B) are free of charge.

The Food Cupboard (located in Room 3L1B) is open for drop-ins Monday – Friday from 10 am – 4 pm.* 

Pickups are restricted to six items per week (subject to change based on inventory levels).

*Hours are subject to change.


Self-care is vital, especially during a pandemic. Here are some ways you can take care of yourself.

  • Be kind to you! Remember that everyone is feeling out of sorts.
  • Sleep well and nap when your body is tired.
  • Spend a few minutes each day writing your thoughts down in a journal.
  • Seek support. (We are in this together) studentsuccess@loyalistcollege.com
  • Try to disconnect from social media during the day and do some deep breathing exercises.
  • Go for a walk or exercise at your own pace.
  • Drink lots of water and eat well!

Try to plan healthy meals. (See the Food Cupboard online store for recipes and much more)


  • Oatmeal
  • Juice box
  • Glass of water


  • Hand full of trail mix


  • Bowl of soup
  • Triscuits
  • Glass of water


  • Nutri-grain bar


  • Pasta dish or rice dish
  • Add some canned veggies
  • Add beans or tuna
  • Tea and glass of water


  • Canned fruit or Oreos



To get involved with the Student Food Cupboard or if you have any comments or questions, please email foodcupboard@loyalistcollege.com 

Interested in Donating to the Food Cupboard?

Please contact foodcupboard@loyalistcollege.com.



Free Market

The Free Market is another way Loyalist supports students.

You are able to order and pick up gently used items free of charge;

  • School supplies
  • Household items
  • Clothing

Collective Garden – variety of fresh food (seasonal)

Red and White Potatoes Tomatoes
Peppers Eggplant
Cantaloupes Pumpkins
Chives Basil
Beets Sage