Inclement Weather


Inclement Weather Information

While the campuses will remain open and accessible, please be advised that certain services may not be available during this period. 

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the college may suspend operations and cancel classes. The campus will remain open except in exceptional circumstances since it can be a place of refuge for students, staff and the community at large.

When this happens, the college will provide as much notice as possible to students, staff and the public, to minimize the inconvenience.  

 The decision will be announced on: 

The safety of our college community – students, staff and visitors – is always a top priority 

Loyalist College serves a variety of regions and conditions can vary widely within campus locations. Please exercise your best judgement with respect to safety when travelling during inclement weather, based on your individual circumstances. If you are unable to travel to your campus location or to clinical or other academic placements, please communicate with your professors and your placement organization as soon as possible. 

Read Loyalist’s policy for students and employees on Suspension of Operations and Closing of the College. 

How and when will the college announce a decision to suspend operations? 

Whenever possible, the decision to cancel classes will be made by 6:30 a.m. for daytime classes and by 3 p.m. for evening classes. If the college remains open, weather conditions will be monitored throughout the day and any updates will be communicated as quickly as possible. If local school buses are cancelled, it does not necessarily mean that classes are cancelled at the college. 

Which classes are cancelled when operations are suspended?  

In the event the college suspends operations due to inclement weather, all scheduled on-campus classes/labs will be cancelled for the duration of the suspension. Online courses and virtual services/appointments will continue as scheduled.  

Loyalist College’s Suspension of Operations and Closing of the College Policy (ADMIN 105) addresses our remote learning and workplace environments. The policy outlines a framework for suspending operations in the event of inclement weather.  

If the college suspends operations due to severe weather, all employees working remotely or delivering online classes will continue to fulfill their regular responsibilities as scheduled. 

Work Integrated Learning (practicums, placements, internships, co-ops, etc.) 

Students scheduled for off-campus placements will adhere to their work placement decision. Students or employees who are unable to report to their placement due to weather, must notify their placement contact as soon as possible. Placement and/or program coordinators should also be notified of absences due to weather conditions.