Mission & Reports

Loyalist College empowers students, faculty, staff, and partners through experiential, economic, cluster-based applied programs and research that provide career-ready graduates for, and knowledge transfer to, industry and the community.

Our values

As we embark on our journey to fulfil our vision and mission, Loyalist College will be guided by the values that define our institution. 

  • Caring
    • We attend to, and focus on the individual and collective success of our students, faculty, staff, and community by providing deep and broad supports
  • Creative
    • We design customized solutions for the real-world challenges that face our students, faculty, staff, and industry and community partners
  • Engaging
    • We build relationships by using all relevant communication channels to listen and respond to our students, faculty, staff, and industry and community partners
  • Inclusive
    • We eliminate barriers to the full and meaningful participation of all our students, faculty, staff, and industry and community partners, in the activities of the College
  • Accountable
    • We are each responsible for our individual actions and for contributing to the collective success of the College

Since it was founded in 1967, Loyalist has been an integral part of the communities it serves. A strong partner in the economic growth and vitality of the greater Quinte area, the College today includes more than 590,000 square feet of space at its Belleville and Bancroft campuses, supporting programs and services for close to 3,000 full-time and 12,000 part-time students each year.

Loyalist’s economic impact on the region is profound. A recent study found that the College generates 6,000 jobs in the region, and more than 1,000 new graduates are added to the workforce each year. Many graduates choose to live and work in our region.

Loyalist has deliberately chosen to be a community college, with our roots deep in our communities and our region. We are committed to remaining both community-driven and globally alert.

Economic impact

Loyalist College has a positive impact on the regional economy, creating value for students and the community, according to an independent study by Lightcast. Impacts on students, government and society are summarized in the documents linked below. The College also provides economic benefits through applied research and consulting services, which lead to increased economic activity.