Sexual Assault & Sexual Violence

Statement from the President

Loyalist College values respect for all individuals, civility, diversity, dignity, equality and freedom. The College is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe learning, living, social, recreational and working environment. We are committed to maintaining a campus free of discrimination and harassment, and strive to foster an atmosphere of healthy attitudes and behaviours towards sexuality, sex and gender roles. Loyalist will not tolerate behaviour that contributes to a hostile and inequitable learning and working environment.  We take seriously our commitment to supporting those who experience sexual violence, and we work diligently on campus and with community partners on programs, policies and resources to ensure that our campus remains free from sexual violence.

This website provides quick access to the information contained in the College’s Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Policy and Protocol. The Policy and Protocol provides procedures and resources to support individuals and groups who may be directly or indirectly involved in working with persons who have experienced sexual violence.

I urge all members of the College community to review the Policy and Protocol to learn about options and resources available to those who require support or who wish to support others. Please help to ensure that the College remains a safe and positive space where members of the College community feel able to work, learn and express themselves in a safe and respectful environment.

Mark Kirkpatrick

President and CEO
Loyalist College

In accordance with Ministry requirements, Loyalist College reports annually to its Board of Governors on sexual assault and sexualized violence education and disclosures. A copy of the annual report to the Board is available by contacting Andrea Paradise, Executive Assistant to the Board of Governors, at