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Subject: Program of Study Development, Renewal and Change Policy Number:  AOP 212
Issued by: Sr. Vice-President Academic and Chief Learning Officer Date Issued: October 2007
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New Program Proposal, Program Renewal and Change Process

Processing Timelines

Business Plan for New Programs of Study


 April 2019

Program of Study Development, Renewal and Change Policy

1. Introduction and Purpose 

Loyalist College is committed to offering a mix of relevant programs of study that meet student and workforce needs that are supported by a rigorous quality assurance process.   

2. Application 

This policy applies to all programs of study offered by Loyalist College. 

3. Definitions  

 Academic Year: The period from September 1st to August 31st. 

  • Current academic year refers to the start date of the academic year. 
  • Upcoming academic year refers to the academic year subsequent to the current academic year. 
  • Prior academic year refers to the academic year previous to the current academic year. 

Course: A discrete teaching and learning framework containing content that has been approved by a subject matter expert. 

Curriculum: A plan for learning that is coordinated and articulated in a manner designed to result in students achieving a specified set of learning outcomes. 

  • Changes may include changes made to course titles, hours of delivery, credit value, pre-requisites, co-requisites, course sequence or semester. 

Program of Study: A coordinated selection of courses delivered to a student body leading to a credential or other certification or document awarded by the Board of Governors. 

  • Changes may include changes made to the program’s title, number of semesters, number of program hours, number of program credits, revisions to program outcomes and/or focus, and new or amended field placement or practicum requirements. 

Business Plan: The Business Plan includes: 

  • Program title, type, delivery mode and credential 
  • Intended date of first intake 
  • Institutional fit 
  • Student and employment demand 
  • Resource requirements 
  • Evidence of internal and external consultation 
  • Articulation of the program learning outcomes 
  • Required and/or elective courses 
  • Draft program of study including total program hours  
  • Curriculum map 
  • Identification of any unique curriculum 
  • Evidence of capacity for sustainable delivery of the program 
  • Admission requirements 
  • Target enrolments 

 4. Policy Statement 

Loyalist College’s approved programs of study will sustain currency while remaining compliant with the requirements of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ (MTCU) Binding Policy Directive as well as all other applicable Ministry requirements, including those prescribed by Ontario College Quality Assurance Services (OCQAS), related to the delivery and funding of programs. 

4.1 Program of study changes must be supported and approved by the school Dean or designate and the Academic Management Committee (AMC). 

4.2 Program changes may require additional approval of the Board of Governors and re-submission to MTCU and/or OCQAS, as described in the Standard Terms and Conditions of College Program Funding Approval under the College of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002. 

4.3 Proposed program and course changes should be submitted for approval by the deadlines outlined in the Program of Study Development, Renewal and Change Process (Appendix A) in order to: 

4.3.1 Advise students on course registrations and graduation requirements; 

4.3.2 Accurately promote programs of study online and in print advertising; and, 

4.3.3 Support College-wide planning and budgeting processes. 

4.4 In some instances, immediate changes to programs and/or courses are needed and will be implemented upon approval by AMC. 

4.5 Typically, approved curriculum changes will take effect for students entering into the first semester of a program and the existing curriculum will be followed for students already enrolled in the program. 

4.6 Suggestions for new programs of study may originate with College staff, members of the Board of Governors, Advisory Committees, or any individual associated with Loyalist College. All ideas will be initially collated by Institutional Research for exploration. 

4.7 Consideration of external accrediting body requirements will be included in discussions related to the development of curriculum, where necessary. 

4.8 Provincial program standards or descriptions inform program development and curriculum review. 

4.9 Program delivery methods will be appropriate to content and design and are supported by College systems, services and resources. 

4.10 To ensure quality, effectiveness, and currency, programs are reviewed on an annual basis. Additionally, comprehensive program reviews occur every five (5) years as prescribed by the College’s Program Quality Assurance (PAQ) process unless circumstances identified in the annual reflection indicate the need for a comprehensive review outside of the PQA cycle. 

4.11 Program of study renewal may be initiated for many reasons (quality assurance, changes to a program standard, external accreditation requirements, etc.) and will be facilitated within the College’s PQA standards. 

 5. References