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Subject: Fundraising Prospect Clearance Policy Number:  EXT 102
Issued by: Vice-President Academic Date Issued:  November 2008
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ADMIN 111 – Donations

Fundraising Prospect Approval Form

 September 2016

Fundraising Prospect Clearance Policy


The purpose of a Prospect Clearance Policy is to optimize Loyalist College’s fundraising opportunities. By ensuring that solicitations match College priorities and donor interests, final results will maximize giving to the College. A series of uncoordinated solicitations to the same donor by different individuals in a single institution is one of the most undermining threats to successful fundraising efforts. A Prospect Clearance Policy will help to alleviate this problem.

Policy Statement

Before any fundraising solicitation is initiated by any individual or group under the umbrella of Loyalist College (including staff, Foundation Directors, students, teams, alumni, etc…), the prospect in question must first be cleared through the College’s Advancement Office and, by extension, the Executive Committee of the College. This will ensure that input regarding institutional priorities, along with regional priorities, are coupled with expert advice to maximize fundraising success.

Given the fact that many requests for support made by student groups, alumni, etc., are relatively small in nature (e.g., requests for T-shirts, etc., for door prizes and things of that nature), requests for support totaling less than $100 in value shall be exempt from this policy.

The only exception to the $100 exemption would be in any case where there is an expectation from the donor that they receive a Charitable Tax Receipt. In any situation where the donor requests a receipt, regardless of the amount, clearance is subject to this process.