Academic Operational Policies

Policy Number: AOP 202

Policy Title: Planned Cancellation of Classes

Supersedes Existing Policy? Y

Policy Owner: Senior Vice-President Academic

Associated Procedure: N

Date Last Approved by CET: February 17, 2021

1. Introduction and Purpose

 A timetable outlining the classes, times, room locations and delivery mode is provided to students at the time of registration. If a class must be cancelled, students should be provided with adequate notice and an explanation of how the class will be made up. 

2. Application

This policy applies to all classes offered by Loyalist College. It does not apply in cases of scheduled campus closure or personal illness.

3. Policy Statement

Scheduled classes will be cancelled only upon authorization of the dean or designate other than those due to faculty illness. Students will receive at least 24 hours notification of class cancellation other than due to faculty illness. In the event of inclement weather, students will receive notice as soon as possible, as per ADMIN 105 Suspension of Operations and Closing the College. Students will be provided with written notification of how the class will be made up or the requirements of the alternative learning assignment.

3.1 Responsibilities

3.1.1 When a faculty member requires a class to be cancelled, they will notify the Dean or designate and Office Coordinator.

3.1.2 The Office Coordinator will post a notice of cancellation on the classroom door as soon as notification has been received, where appropriate.

3.1.3 Faculty will inform students of the cancellation and of the procedure to be followed by posting information on the learning management system (LMS). In the event that an 8:00 a.m. class must be cancelled, the cancellation will be posted by faculty on the LMS no later than 7:00 a.m. that day.

3.1.4 In the event that the faculty absence is extended beyond two days, the dean or designate will consult the faculty member and communicate to the students a contingency plan for students to obtain the curriculum content.

3.1.5 The Office Coordinator will maintain a record of cancelled classes and will advise the required College personnel.

3.1.6 Faculty will communicate to the dean or designate the plan of action for the students to obtain the curriculum content missed due to the cancellation of the class and will post the plan on the LMS at a minimum, within 48 hours.

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5. References