Academic Operational Policies

Subject: Course Outlines Number:  AOP 204
Issued by: Vice-President Academic Date Issued:  October 2004
Supersedes: ACAD 111 Page:  1 of 1

Evaluation of Student Performance – AOP 224

Code of Conduct: Academic Employees – AOP 201

Program Quality Assurance – AOP 219

General Education – AOP 233

Educational Philosophy

Appendix A: Course Outline Due Dates

Appendix B: Ministry Policy – EES Segment


 April 2016

Course Outlines

1. Introduction and Purpose 

Course outlines support the learning process by identifying course learning requirements, learning activities and learning resources, as well as the evaluation framework planned to assess student achievement. 

2. Application 

This policy applies to all credit level courses offered by Loyalist College 

3. Policy Statement 

Faculty will provide every student with an approved course outline which will be reviewed by the faculty and students during the first week of class. 

Course outlines are to be provided in electronic format via the College’s learning management system (LMS). 

The course outline must reflect the curriculum as influenced by program outcomes, published standards and existing curriculum maps. Review and subsequent modification to the curriculum on the course outline should occur in collaboration with the program faculty team to ensure curriculum continuity and alignment across the program. 

At least one month prior to the commencement of the course, faculty members will review and make appropriate revisions to all course outlines. The revisions will be reviewed by the program coordinator and approved by the designated academic administrator. 

Approved course outlines will be accessible to prospective students, PLAR candidates, and other members of the college community, upon request. 

4. References