College Operational Policy

Policy Number: HR 121 Policy Title: Hiring for Indigenous Designated Positions
Supersedes Existing Policy: No Policy Sponsor: Vice-President, Human Resources
Associated Procedure: Yes Policy Owner: Manager, Talent Acquisition and Development
Next Review Date: February 2027 Date Last Approved by the CET: February 14, 2024

1.     Introduction and Purpose

As Loyalist College work towards establishing culturally safe spaces for Indigenous employees and students in classrooms and on campuses, it is integral that hiring processes for Indigenous specific positions include verification of Indigenous citizenship/membership of candidates.

The College is committed to ensuring that Indigenous designated positions maintain their integrity, include authentic Indigenous experiences, and community connections that enlighten and enrich the College.

The purpose of this policy is to provide consistent guidelines for verifying Indigenous citizenship/membership when recruiting Indigenous designated positions at Loyalist College.

2.     Application

This policy applies to all candidates who are being considered for an Indigenous designated position as well as Faculty who have self-identified as Indigenous under the Job Classification procedure.

3.     Definition

Candidate: A person who applies for a job.

Indigenous Citizenship: The system has developed a modern understanding of this term based on the following:

  • Self-identification as Indigenous peoples at the individual level and accepted by the community as their member.
  • Historical continuity with pre-colonial and/or pre-settler societies.
  • Strong link to territories and surrounding natural resources.
  • Distinct social, economic or political systems
  • Distinct language, culture and beliefs
  • Resolve to maintain and reproduce their ancestral environments and systems as distinctive peoples and communities

Rights Bearing: Means that the Indigenous nation/collective has section 35 rights of the Constitution Act, 1982, which means Aboriginal or Treaty rights in their territory.

4.     Policy Statement

Indigenous communities are recognized as those who have citizenship and authority based on the approval of Indigenous communities of Canada and the Constitution of Canada, from their nation to speak on its behalf and enact its law and ceremonies.

This policy is being put in place to show respect for the Indigenous communities. The policy is to be administered in a loving and caring way so that candidates understand the purpose of the protocol and feel honoured and respected throughout the review process.

An applicant’s indigeneity must be verified prior to employment reference checks and a final offer of employment being made.

An established Indigenous Citizenship Review Committee whose members are employees of the College and members of the Indigenous community will verify an applicant’s indigeneity.  If needed and as appropriate, this Committee may consult with external members of the Indigenous community.

5.     Related Documents or Links

6.     References

  • United Nations – Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Voices
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  • Voices on Indigenous Identity; Queen’s University; University of Saskatchewan
  • Constitution Act, 1982