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General Arts and Science

Available as a one- or two-year program

Not sure which career path to follow? Explore your options while earning college-level credits that you can apply towards another program or a university degree.


  • Credential
    • One-year Ontario College Certificate (GASC/GACJ/GACM)

    • Two-year Ontario College Diploma (GASP/GAPJ/GADM)

  • Start Date

    September, January and May entry

  • Location
    • Belleville campus

Find your career

A broad education in arts and science provides the foundation to succeed in a wide range of careers: 

  • Graduates of our certificate program find employment in advanced/managerial service and retail positions. 
  • Graduates of our diploma program become facilitators, social service workers, correctional officers, retail managers, and entrepreneurs. Earning a diploma will prepare students for managerial positions in government, education, criminal justice, human services, education, business, manufacturing, media, technology, and communications, to name a few. 
  • Others continue their education in a college post-graduate program or apply their credits towards advanced standing at university. 

Our grads get great jobs

  • Business Manager, Belleville Non-Profit Housing Corporation
  • Ethics Board Coordinator, University of Alberta
  • Employment Specialist, Northern Lights Vocational Services
  • Childcare Therapist, Bayfield Treatment Centres 
  • Registered Social Worker, Quinte Health Care
  • Office Equipment Service Technician, Ecol Laser Services

Is it for you?

This program is designed to meet a wide range of learning needs. General Arts and Science may be a perfect fit if you are:

  • Interested in many subjects and want to keep your options open.
  • Finishing high school and unsure of your direction.
  • Seeking to upgrade your qualifications to gain admission to university.
  • Unhappy in your job and want to discover your career passion.

What employers say

"General Arts and Science students are self-motivated, enthusiastic, and bring a variety of skills, interests and knowledge to their placements. Field placements are an excellent way for students to explore careers in various fields, contribute to the community and show what they have to offer. We provide opportunities that suit each student's unique skills and interests - when it's all over, students have something for their personal portfolio."
Maya Navrot, Conservation Education Coordinator
Quinte Conservation

Experiential learning

Get a well-rounded education in math, science, business and communication skills, not to mention the freedom to choose from an outstanding line-up of courses. Define your interests, opportunities and goals while earning credits you can transfer to future studies.

  • Learn with a mix of group assignments, community projects and online class activities.
  • Work one-on-one with a faculty advisor each semester to select electives suitable to you — go broad or specialize — it’s up to you.
  • Choose from a wide range of electives, and explore opportunities you may not even know, with options as wide-ranging as human biology, computer applications, psychology, technology and humanity.
  • Some electives are available online or offer virtual learning experiences, such as the Ecowalk.
  • Gain work experience one day a week in your second semester.
  • Expand your on-the-job experiences to two days a week in the third semester.
  • Past placements include museums, art galleries, funeral homes, veterinary offices, long-term care facilities, schools and social service agencies.
  • General Arts & Science (year two): After one year of vocational exploration, prepare for university studies during year two with a liberal arts university-focused diploma.

Outstanding faculty make the difference

  • Experienced faculty get to know students one on one and work together to support their personal interests and career goals.
  • Many professors in the program are college graduates (several of this program!) and all share a commitment to lifelong learning; they have gone on to specialize at university in education and the arts, sociology, biology, engineering and psychology.
  • Students also have access to virtually the entire College faculty through elective studies.
  • The program is continually updated with advice from an advisory committee representing the social service, education, private business, government and health care sectors.

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