Program Maps

These Program Maps are PDFs which display the general structure of each program, based on a specific program code and start date. It helps to plan by showing which semesters have scheduled courses and where breaks occur. The maps also outline when a General Elective course has been scheduled for your program, if applicable. Finally, it gives an estimate of the courses in which you will be enrolled each semester, subject to successful completion of prerequisites. Please note that specific courses could be changed due to influences that are outside of our control.  

Each Program Map is based on the academic year when you started your program. Each academic year starts in September and includes three intakes: Fall (September), Winter (January) and Spring (May). 

Once you launch the Program Map document, use Ctrl-F to search for your program code (best) or program name. If searching for your program name, please be aware that there may be multiple intakes of the same program listed within the program map. Make sure you find the program that matches your start date. If you do not know your program code, you can see it on myFees in the myLoyalist portal.

Start Date Start Semester Program Map* 
May 2024 202405 2023-2024
Jan 2024 202401 2023-2024
Sept 2023 202309 2023-2024
May 2023 202305 2022-2023
Jan 2023 202301 2022-2023
Sept. 2022 202209 2022-2023
May 2022 202205 2021-2022
Jan 2022 202201 2021-2022
Sept. 2021 202109 2021-2022
May 2021 202105


Jan. 2021 202101 2020-2021
Sept. 2020 202009 2020-2021
May 2020 202005 2019-2020
Jan. 2020 202001 2019-2020
Sept. 2019 201909 2019-2020


*Program Maps last updated on August 11, 2023