Loyalist Faculty

Do you have students who require testing accommodations or who missed a test and need to write in the Testing Centre?

To book a test, faculty are required to notify ACT two (2) business days prior to writing time.

Booking a Test

Step One:

Complete a Test Request Form 

What is a Test Request Form?
This is a document that professors complete to inform ACT of class tests in order to reserve space for eligible students. Professors are required to indicate the test details (i.e. date, allotted time, etc.).

Step Two:

Email the Test Request Form and the test to act@loyalistcollege.com two (2) business days prior to the test-writing date. 

Note:  If the test is scheduled to take place outside of ACT hours, please provide five (5) business days notice to accommodate the test.

Step Three:

Pick up the completed test(s) from ACT. 

Please note: if an invigilator, who is not the student’s professor, has reason to believe that a student is cheating during testing, he/she will:

  • Notify the student of their suspicion and provide evidence
  • Inform the student that should their professor find them culpable based on evidence provided, he/she will be unable to write in the Test Centre in the future
  • Submit a written incident report of events to the professor requesting written confirmation of the actions taken. (as per AOP 216)

Students Requiring Accommodations will have an Individual Service Plan (ISP)
An ISP is an individualized student plan that outlines what a student’s accommodations are. As a professor, you will receive a copy of a student’s ISP via email from an AccessAbility Advisor.

What are Testing Accommodations?
Students with an identified disability may be eligible for testing accommodations. Accommodations may include extended time, text-to-speech software (i.e. Kurzweil, ReadPlease), speech-to-text software (i.e. Dragon), the use of a computer, an individual/quiet room, etc.

Important Items to Note:
If you inform the class of any additional information or make changes to the test on test day, please contact ACT. This will ensure that we can notify your students who are writing in ACT.

  • If a student has a question during the test, we will email, text, or call you. Please let us know your preference to ensure that we can contact you.
  • Please pick up completed tests at ACT. 

Hours of Operation

Hours (September – April)
Monday – Friday: 9 am – 4 pm

Summer Hours (May – August)
Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 3:30 pm
Friday: Closed (unless special arrangements have been made – one week notice required)

Contact Information:
Email: act@loyalistcollege.com
Phone: 613-969-1913, ext. 2549
Location: 3L8