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Our mission

Our tutors work to engage students in active learning through reflection and collaboration, using strategies that promote independence. Tutoring Services support the advancement of student knowledge by assisting all Loyalist College students in meeting their academic goals through peer support in an environment that:

  • Is positive and supportive.
  • Promotes learning independence.
  • Fosters student engagement.

Our services

We offer the following:

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Peer tutoring

We offer one-to-one, course-specific tutoring. Loyalist College students who are experiencing academic difficulty, or who wish to improve their grades, are matched with upper-year students who can provide academic support. 

Drop-in support

If you are looking for a tutor or writing/math support, please email tutoring@loyalistcollege.com or scroll down this page and click on Request a Tutor and we will do our best to match you with someone who can tutor through in-person or distance methods.

Writing Support & Resources

Faculty Writing Coaches

  • We offer faculty writing coaches for Loyalist College students needing more comprehensive writing support. To learn more or register for this service, please email tutoring@loyalistcollege.com.

Grammarly Premium 

  • Offers over 400 types of checks and features including vocabulary enhancement, detects plagiarism, citation suggestions and scans for common grammatical mistakes. To request access to Grammarly Premium, please email tutoring@loyalistcollege.com.

Read & Write

  • Customizable toolbar for PC and Mac that interrelates reading, writing, studying and research support tools with applications like MS Word, PDF, and web browsers. Students can access the software by clicking on APPS2U in their myLoyalist portal.

Request a tutor

Sign up for a tutor:

Request a Tutor

Please review the Peer Tutoring Terms and Conditions.

Become a tutor

Students wishing to become a peer tutor must maintain a cumulative GPA of 75 percent or higher and must have achieved a grade of 80 percent or higher in the course(s) they wish to tutor. Interested applicants should email tutoring@loyalistcollege.com.

Steps to Tutoring Success

  • If you are having academic difficulties, speak to your professor and determine areas that could benefit from tutoring. 
  • Apply for tutoring early in the semester. Students who wait to access this service may have difficulty catching up.
  • Attend classes regularly and take thorough notes. Tutoring cannot help students who do not attend classes.
  • Do not miss your tutoring appointments. If you are unable to attend an appointment or are going to be late, contact the tutor ahead of time.
  • You cannot approach a tutor to ask for specific information regarding tests and examinations that they may have previously written.
  • When using drop-in services, please do not wait until the day an assignment is due to seek help.

Contact us

Email: tutoring@loyalistcollege.com