loyalist-memories-sydney-2017First year at Loyalist College, living in Residence, met some amazing people and loved supporting our roommate at her basketball games. So many memories of first year in Residence — definitely going to miss everyone and all the memories when I graduate this year. Cheers!

– Sydney Thibault, Child and Youth Care, 2017






– Brennan Spencer, Customs Border Services, 2017

Coming from a very small town community college from the GTA was a huge adjustment. Loyalist made me feel welcome, and I became a part of the family. From joining the varsity soccer team to being the Business and Management Studies Leader on the Student Government Board, I got involved in any possible way that I could. Loyalist changed my life in so many ways, and I am beyond thankful. 

– Heather Williams, Business Sales and Marketing, 2017

Photo: Varsity soccer team – mean muggin’