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You Can With The Loyalist College Prep Program

February 11, 2013

The Loyalist College Prep program helps you prepare for post-secondary choices, career changes and job applications. Whether you have an incomplete high school transcript, have spent years away from the classroom, or want to refresh or strengthen subject areas for advancement, the College Prep faculty will work with you to create a study plan that addresses your specific needs. 

Individuals in the classes are as diverse as the reasons they have enrolled in the program. Students of all ages and experience levels are linked by a common desire to make changes and move forward.

Dylan Bayuz

Dylan Bayuz, a student in the program, is currently working toward his high school equivalency. Completing it will enable him to apply to the post-secondary program he requires to pursue his ideal career. 

“High school was a struggle for me and I didn’t do well,” said Dylan.  “I really needed to get my life back on track. My friend told me about Loyalist’s College Prep program and it’s amazing. The faculty has played a major role in my success. Without their support, I would not have been able to do this. The fundamental academic and life skills I have learned are preparing me to pursue a career in fashion and commercial photography.”

There are others, like Daniel Dufoe, who wanted to return to school to make a career change, yet hesitated, uncertain about returning to a classroom after several years in the workforce. 

“I needed to refresh my academic skills before I entered into the two-year Developmental Services Worker program at Loyalist,” said Daniel. “The College Prep program was the perfect fit for me – fantastic class schedules and a great team of instructors. I gained confidence and expanded my comfort zone. Since graduating in June 2010, I have worked at two local agencies, most recently as a Literacy and Basic Skills instructor. College Prep gave me the jumpstart I needed to strive for future success.”

When Kim Bowman toured the campus as part of the Student for a Day program, she knew she wanted to enrol in Loyalist’s Customs Border Services program. Before she could apply however, there were some qualifications she required. That’s when she turned to the College Prep faculty. They explained that the courses were tuition-free and with the year-round intake she could start right away, moving her faster toward her goal of entering the Justice Studies program.

“I left high school early and had not been in a classroom for over 20 years,” Kim explained. “That was a problem – College Prep was the solution. I was able to complete my grade 12 equivalency and strengthen my English and grammar skills. It was such a positive experience in a very diverse class, led by a team of teachers who were there to answer all of our questions. I’m now in my final year of the Customs Border Services program and I’m confident that this is the right career choice for me. College Prep made this possible.”

The College Prep program prepares you for that next step. Whether your goal is to complete your grade 12 equivalency, strengthen weak subject areas, or refresh long-unused study skills, your transcript and confidence will be improved. You can return to school, graduate from a program of your choice and get that good job. 

To learn more, please call (613) 969-1913 ext. 2456.