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Student Excellence Recognized at Athletics Luncheon

January 11, 2008

Loyalist College recognized 31 students for their athletic, academic and leadership excellence at the annual athletics luncheon held on January 10th. The students were presented with athletic scholarships for their achievements.

The following is a list of this year’s scholarship recipients:

Women’s Volleyball:  

Kelsea Brown, Mandi Buma, Amy Hoskin, Amanda Paterak, Justine Vandenburg

Men’s Volleyball:   

Dave Commerford, Andrew Doucette, Tom Giles, Mark Mullen


Lindsay Eddy, Josh Hill

Women’s Soccer:    

Heather Armstrong, Jessica Wood, Kerri Leitch, Pam Inwood, Lillian Czindl

Women’s Basketball: 

Larissa Dykstra, Kara Muhlhausen, Brittany Denneny, Sara Maybee, Erin Rose, Amy Rose

Men’s Basketball:   

Andrew Dacosta, Chris Douma, Josh Mitchell, Jaamal Carter, Jamal Fletcher

Men’s Rugby:    

Matt Kearney, Mike Penney, Owain Barrett, Nick Imrie

“When you are dedicated and work really hard at something you love, it’s awesome to be rewarded for it,” said Sara Maybee, varsity basketball player and a graduate of Nicholson Catholic College in Belleville. “Many of the skills we learn on the court are ones we apply in all areas of our lives. We learn how to work with others and how to compromise for the groups’ best interests. I think that most importantly though, you learn to have confidence in your abilities. I love the College. I’ve had so many great experiences here and many of them revolve around basketball.”

Dave Commerford is from Kingston and is Captain of the men’s volleyball team. “I love volleyball and I find that it’s a great stress reliever, letting me get away from things and focus on team building and competition. Being a varsity athlete takes a lot of time and limits the hours that we have available to work in part-time jobs. This scholarship is great and it’s a real honour to receive it.”

“I’m sure that if we asked what you have gained from playing varsity sports that your responses would be as different as you are as individuals,” said Jim Buck Assistant Director of Athletics. “But I’m not sure that you realize what you have brought to Loyalist. Your commitment, leadership and school spirit have a positive effect on the entire College. When you’re told you have to work harder, you do. When your coaches call extra practices, you come. You juggle classes, work placements, practices, games, part-time jobs and family responsibilities. These athletic scholarships are our way of recognizing your accomplishments athletically and academically. Your hard work is noticed and appreciated.  Congratulations.”

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