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Second-Year Loyalist College Police Foundations Students Survey the Community

December 17, 2012

Between Monday, December 10th and Monday, January 7th, more than 30 second-year Police Foundations students will canvass Quinte-area residences and businesses to conduct a Belleville Police Service Community Survey. The pairs of students going door-to-door will identify themselves with a Belleville Police Volunteer nametag. 

Designed to ascertain public feedback on the Belleville Police Service’s community involvement, the survey includes ten short-answer questions on topics ranging from road safety and response times to police presence in schools and the downtown area. The survey was developed by the Loyalist College Police Foundations program in collaboration with the Belleville Police Service administration, based on a preliminary poll of what people in the community would like to talk with the Belleville Police Service about. 

“I’m hoping that everyone in the community will give a few minutes of their time to complete the survey,” said second-year Loyalist College Police Foundations student Koshin Young. “The Belleville Police Service is an important part of everyone’s life, whether it is directly or indirectly. That’s why it is necessary to collect and incorporate feedback on the services from as many people as possible.”

Results of the survey will be incorporated into the Belleville Police Service’s Business Plan, helping to inform budget recommendations. It will be the second time the Belleville Police Service has utilized a survey to provide valuable insight that will help to balance community needs with Belleville Police resources. The Loyalist Police Foundations program was also involved in the first survey in 2010. 

“I am so grateful that I get to be part of something so big in our region,” said Joshua Woodcock, another second-year Police Foundations student leading the initiative. “This survey is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to make connections with my community, and provides firsthand insight into what people think about the services provided by Belleville Police.” 

The two-year Police Foundations Ontario College diploma program prepares students for positions with municipal and regional police services, Ontario Provincial Police, Military Police, RCMP, and related law enforcement agencies. Police officers work with the community to achieve public safety through crime prevention, law enforcement and public education. It’s an intellectually and physically challenging profession.

“I want to pursue policing,” said Joshua. “The last two years at Loyalist have been so rewarding. I have learned so much and I know that this route is right for me. My goal is to be hired on with the Belleville Police Service because they have an excellent rapport with the community. I’ve had a great experience doing my placement with them and I would love to be part of their team.”

During a common first year, students in the Police Foundations program focus on the justice system and gain insight into human behaviour. They also develop essential career skills in ethical decision-making, computers and communications. Second-year students specialize in interpreting and applying the law. They develop confidence through academic studies, hands-on techniques and two field placements. The program also teaches rigorous physical fitness standards, preparing Loyalist graduates to place among the top tier of applicants in this competitive field. 

The program has reinforced Koshin Young’s career plans, “I am planning to apply to police services at the municipal level and eventually move my way up and specialize as a Forensic Identification Officer. This survey will enable me to get out into the community and improve my communication skills, which will be necessary for a future career in policing.”