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Passion for Education Helps Businesses and Individuals Succeed

July 09, 2013

By 2013 Loyalist Public Relations graduate Hazel Barber


If variety is the spice of life, Roman Pierce must have cupboards full of paprika and cinnamon at home. Diversity defines his life and accomplishments as a man dedicated to work and education. He has worked in the military and at a call centre, as a youth pastor and entrepreneur, and has still found time and motivation to complete four post-secondary programs, including two at Loyalist College. 

As owner and operator of Positive Cause, a life coaching business, Roman is on the path to self-fulfillment by helping others reach their goals. For him, Loyalist was a stepping stone from university to business ownership.  He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English and Honours Bachelor of Arts in History from Redeemer University, and has three years of study toward a Master’s degree from Heritage Theological Seminary. 

“Loyalist opens its students up to new ideas and is great at filling in the gaps left by a university education,” said Roman. “The theory taught at the College is great, but it’s the practical skills you learn that are really beneficial. The hands-on project and group work is invaluable.”

Roman Pierce

Roman graduated in 2011 from Business and Business-Accounting, and was an active participant in the College outside of class time, as a member of the Student Government and also Student Representative on the Loyalist Board of Governors in 2010-2011. He described the experience as a great opportunity to get behind the scenes and look at the way the College is run. 

“The level of passion at Loyalist is moving,” said Roman. “The senior management team is dedicated to advancing the school and the students, and the students are passionate for success.” 

Passion for continuing education is embodied in the energetic individual – a man who is currently enrolled in online courses at three universities. He is studying adult learning and mental health in order to expand his repertoire of skills. His business, a manifestation of his life’s principles and values, assists clients in building positive and productive relationships through the refinement of image and branding, soft skills development, and business process enhancements. Positive Cause helps people and organizations move from where they are to where they want to be.

When asked for advice that he would share with new graduates, Roman said, “Education is the only preparation for the job. We have to earn our place. Learn it and earn it. Start at the bottom and work your way up. It makes you a better contributor, a better person, and will help you move up.”

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