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Career Goals Realized through Loyalist College

January 07, 2010

Career Goals Realized through Loyalist College

“I enrolled at Loyalist College with a specific goal,” said Kevin Hart. “The goal was to complete my three-year advanced diploma in Civil Engineering Technology and obtain a position working for a municipality or township. I graduated in May 2009 and on June 1st was employed as Public Works Manager and Roads Superintendent for Augusta Township in the Prescott area. It feels great to have realized my goal.”

Kevin Hart was employed by A & P for 23 years. An injury necessitated retraining and he was faced with the challenge of combining full-time studies with family responsibilities. After researching the civil engineering field, he concluded that it would be something he would enjoy and that it is an employment sector that would offer him a wide range of opportunities. For the first time he became a college student.

“In my current position I am constantly drawing on the skills that I learned while in my program,” he explained. “The working knowledge I gained in computer programs such as AutoCAD are skills that I use on a regular basis. It’s necessary for me to write numerous reports and thankfully, we were taught how to do this at Loyalist. The program included a broad knowledge of surveying which I find very helpful — and my ability to competently prepare and receive tenders stems from the tenders and contract training in the program.”

Now Kevin looks forward to going to work each day. He, and the team of six workers that he manages, are responsible for investigating public complaints and suggesting solutions to the problems. He prepares and reviews all of the tenders the township receives regarding roadwork, equipment purchases and repairs. The expenses incurred by the public works garage are his responsibility and he helps prepare the yearly budget. Daily reports must be completed and he recommends which projects should have priority on the work schedule.

Kevin found it difficult to choose one aspect of his job that he liked the best. “It’s a great feeling to be involved in the decision making process and to have the responsibility of managing the work team. I think I’d have to say that the part I enjoy the most is the variety each and every day. There is never a time that I feel stuck in a set routine so my job is both interesting and challenging. That would have to be the very best part and for that I thank Loyalist. I would never have been hired for this position without the training I received there.”

The employment opportunities for graduates of the Civil Engineering Technology program are numerous — including creating renewable energy through hydroelectric installations, building bridges and helping to design water treatment facilities. Graduates work in laboratories, offices and outdoor settings. Both a two-year technician and a three-year technologist program are offered. For information about these and other Architecture and Building Sciences programs, click here.