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My New Life as a Loyalist Student

October 29, 2013

By Adedamola Olusola Jayeola, first-year Advertising and Marketing Communications student at Loyalist College  

Adedamola Olusola Jayeola

As an international student, making the transition from working and living in Nigeria has been dramatic and a whole new experience altogether. I came to Canada from the world’s most populous black nation and Africa’s fastest-growing economy. Often, I get asked the question: “Why Loyalist College?” I take as much delight as I can in answering: “Why not Loyalist?”

Lagos, the city I reside in Nigeria, has an approximate population of 20 million people. Home to all sectors of commerce, one would sometimes wish to trade all the energy, hustle and bustle of Lagos for the solitude of a beautiful city like Belleville. The welcoming atmosphere at Loyalist further complements the deal.

Last summer, I began craving more from my career and really wanted to improve myself. As a 26 year old public relations practitioner, I need to keep up with fresh developments in the communications industry, especially in brand theory and new media.

I chose to study abroad and picked Canada as my study destination. Besides having a flair for travel, I also desired standards and wanted the best out of what would be a substantial investment. I decided to choose a college that could offer a practical, hands-on and personalized study experience. I spent hours each day researching post-secondary institutions across Canada. The two-year Advertising and Marketing Communications diploma program at Loyalist became a standout choice for me.

Overseen by a vastly experienced faculty, the program is gaining a good reputation as an idea hub for creative and adventurous individuals who love to stretch their imaginations. As students, our thinking capacity is expanded and we are at liberty to express our ideas. 

The curriculum focuses on creative strategy, execution, thinking and exploration with substantial attention placed on research and case studies. These skills build the expertise of students, turning them into well-rounded communications professionals. Courses are delivered in a relaxed and interactive atmosphere and exercises are carried out with a good amount of group work. As someone with a career focus in healthcare communications, I am eagerly looking forward to applying all I am learning from the program.

Moving to Canada, however, did not come on a platter of gold. The departure from the regulated chaos I am used to has required me to get in sync with a new level of organization here in Canada. I am constantly adapting to the food, lifestyle, friends and most importantly, the weather. Yes, the weather! Coming from a tropical region with a predominantly hot climate, Canada’s colder temperatures present quite a challenge. Just the thought of winter gives me shivers already and I plan to dig a hole and hibernate when it arrives. 

Still, it can’t distract me from my personal and professional goals, for even if Canada’s weather is not going to be friendly and warm like its people, I remind myself that change is a very important element of progress. I’m looking forward to having a lovely time in Belleville and at Loyalist. Nothing is going to stop me!

If you are interested in learning more about the Advertising and Marketing Communications program, please contact Coordinator Charlotte Conard by phone at (613) 969-1913 ext. 2468 or by email at