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Brock University – Loyalist College Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

November 18, 2011

Students are choosing to begin their post-secondary studies in the field of nursing at Loyalist College for many reasons. The Brock University – Loyalist College collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing program gives them the opportunity to take the first two years of their degree program within the Loyalist community where they can reap the benefits of smaller class sizes and one-on-one support from faculty. The college offers interactive learning with hi-fidelity human clinical simulators, enabling students to develop competence and confidence in a safe, realistic learning environment. They gain a strong foundation in theory and practical skills, which they apply in clinical practice, preparing them for the transition to Brock University in St. Catharines where they complete the final two years of their degree.

Each year one student who is entering the third-year of study is presented the Brock University – Loyalist College Bachelor of Science in Nursing Scholarship. This year’s recipient of the $5,000 award was Emily Skinkle. Emily, who calls Belleville home, was selected for her academic standing, performance in clinical practice, and an essay she wrote which was evaluated by a panel of judges that included representatives from Brock University and Loyalist College.

In Emily’s essay she stated that, “To choose a path other than nursing would be denying myself the gift of embracing who I am. That is because I am a nurse and everything I believe in supports that.” Her commitment to her chosen profession was exemplified in her decision to travel to Arusha, Tanzania during the summer months between her second and third year of studies. There she worked at the Mount Meru Regional Hospital, in the labour and delivery department under the mentorship of a nurse-midwife.

“I love Loyalist,” said Emily. “Brock is a wonderful university with wonderful faculty and I’m enjoying being in a larger city with all sorts of different people – but I do miss the proximity of the professors’ offices and the small class sizes I enjoyed at Loyalist. I believe that these factors, combined with being able to remain close to my family and friends, helped to build my confidence. My professors’ passion for nursing was contagious and definitely influenced my focus and commitment.”

Emily felt that her move to St. Catharines was easier because she went there with Loyalist classmates. “It definitely made a positive difference for me to be moving away from home with classmates that I already knew and had grown close to. I made wonderful friends at Loyalist and I feel great knowing that they are here with me.” 

“I’m excited to be in the university segment of my training at Brock because I know that it is bringing me that much closer to realizing my dream of completing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and working in a field that I love.”

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