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Classroom to Workplace an Easy Step for College Graduates

July 17, 2013

Employers need workers with specialized knowledge who think broadly and apply their knowledge to new settings, and this is where college graduates shine. Their transition from classroom to workplace is smooth as they graduate with hands-on training, work placement experiences, and industry connections.

Jason Glenn graduated from Loyalist College’s Manufacturing Engineering Technician program in 2008 and now works as an Engineer Technician at Kennametal Stellite in Belleville. 

Jason Glenn

“The skills I learned at Loyalist made me self-assured and confident when I entered the workforce – eager and ready,” said Jason. “The longer I work, the greater my appreciation is for the faculty I was fortunate to have. Their industry knowledge and continued support, even since graduation, has been invaluable.”

Kennametal Stellite provides products and services that help businesses to protect their metal products from the wear and tear of heat, abrasion, corrosion, erosion and galling. They deliver components, coating services, hardfacing alloys, equipment, and solution services.  

Jason typically begins his workday by meeting with supervisors from all departments, engineers and the plant metallurgist.  He creates 3D components and computer-aided design (CAD) drawings for production, as well as assembling 3D components to replicate investment moulds for casting simulations. He provides production workers with in-house drawings required to complete their job and ensures programmers have the latest secured 3D model.

“My company participates in “Lean” manufacturing production techniques, which create a culture of continuous improvement, employee empowerment, and waste minimization,” Jason explained. “I learned to implement these types of projects at Loyalist. I am very pleased to be working in this field and there is no doubt that the shortage of skilled trade professionals positively impacts employment opportunities. I am fortunate. I obtained a position where there are still skilled peers with years of experience to share with me – there is so much I can learn from them. As more retire, we will miss the opportunity to gain from the connections.”

The two-year Manufacturing Engineering Technician program gives graduates a combination of mechanical and electronic expertise, which is essential for success in today’s industrial environment. Students study subjects such as fluid power, welding, machine maintenance, occupational health and safety, computer aided manufacturing, tool design, quality control, and manufacturing automation. Classes are held in Loyalist’s Sustainable Skills, Technology and Life Sciences Centre, a state-of-the-art green facility designed to meet the challenges of changing technologies and tomorrow’s workplace.

“How I wish this Centre had been there when I attended Loyalist,” Jason added. “This facility and the faculty leading Skilled Trades programs are a great combination. Loyalist graduates will definitely have the edge when entering the workforce.”

Click for more information on the Manufacturing Engineering Technician program or call (613) 969-1913 ext. 2204 to book a tour.