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4000 Victoria Park Ave Toronto, ON M2H 3P4 Canada

Hours of Operation

The Loyalist College in Toronto office hours are Monday through Saturday 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM (with the exception of holidays). The office is closed on Saturday and Sunday. During the break between semesters, when there are no classes, office hours are 7 am – 5 pm. 

General Inquires


Questions Relating To


Submitted applications
Application status
Admissions-related questions

International Admissions
Email: InternationalAdmissions@loyalistcollege.com
Phone: 1-416-291-5155 ext.273
Application deferrals or refunds
Uploading Visa documents
Program information and availability
Enrolment Services Office
Email: LoyalistinToronto@tbcollege.com
Phone: 1-416-291-5155 ext.285

College student life

  • Immigration consultation
  • Wellness consultation and support
  • Accommodation
  • Housing
  • Tutoring
  • Volunteering on campus
  • Accessibility
  • Health Insurance
Student Services Office
Email: StudentSuccess@tbcollege.com
Phone: 1-416-291-5155
Moodle access
Network connection
Microsoft download
Technical support
IT Department
Email: ITSupport@tbcollege.com
Phone: 1-416-291-5155 ext. 272

Academic advising

Program information

Academic Office
Email: Academic@tbcollege.com
Phone: 1-416-291-5155 ext. 270
Registration Registration
Email: registration@tbcollege.com
Phone: 1-416-291-5155 ext. 285

Accounts Receivable
Email: LCITAccounts@loyalistcollege.com

Job Development
Resume Preparation                                      
Interview Preparation
Professional Networking
Workplace requirements

Co-op and Career Services Office
Email: careerservices@tbcollege.com
Phone: 1-416-291-5155 ext.265