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“My experience as a student in Global project management at Loyalist College in Toronto has been fabulous. I had the opportunity to improve my skills and I have acquired new knowledge that allows me to develop projects in my field of study in a much more professional way. I cannot finish this paragraph without first mentioning that in this college I have had the opportunity to meet incredible people such as my classmates; even though we are from different countries and cultures, we have complemented each other and learned from each other.”

Julieth Gonzalez Contreras
Global Project Management



“With the pandemic, studying while isolating myself was challenging due to Covid-19. However, the LCIT staff, professors and the learning environment were supportive and encouraging. As a student in the cloud computing program, my experience with online classes has been positive. The coursework includes hands-on practice with essential fundamentals. Special thank you to the career department, which helped me prepare for the job market in advance. With their expertise, I secured an internship one month after arriving in Canada. Thank you, Loyalist College in Toronto, for providing the platform to help students learn state-of-the-art technologies and connecting them with professionals. I am forever grateful for the life-changing learning experience.”

Pratik Ponkiya
Cloud Computing




“LCIT staff and educators are very accommodating and approachable. The school programs to help students cope with the courses and guidance on how to live in Canada made us international students feel valued. Their welcoming and inclusive culture made it easy for us to quickly adjust and feel at home.”

Noemi Sibaya




“My name is Bharti and I am from Yamuna Nagar, a city situated in Haryana Northern part of India. I recently graduated from the Cloud Computing program at Loyalist college in Toronto. I was a student during the pandemic, which gave me a different experience compared to others. During my time at the College, the staff and professors provided an amazing distance learning experience which helped me a lot throughout my studies. The Co-op Career Services department helped me a lot to fulfil my dream to secure a co-op in cloud computing. I want to thank Loyalist college in Toronto for helping me to grow and achieve my dreams.  The support I have received here at LCIT has been immense and recommendable. I am currently employed at Loyalist College in Toronto.”

Cloud Computing




“Up to this point, my time at Loyalist College in Toronto has been amazing. Since I started at the institution, the first term has already passed, and I feel that I have learned a lot – not just academically, but also in terms of my profession. The faculty has been helpful throughout. The faculty members’ constant encouragement and inspiration have helped me along this beautiful journey.”

Clarizze Brianne Dela Cruz
Cyber Security





“Loyalist College, Toronto is my second home. I have built great relationships with my classmates, teachers, and staff. Being at LCIT has been an amazing experience for me that has helped me grow personally and professionally. Thank you.”





“My experience at Loyalist College in Toronto has been a complete game-changer. Studying the supply chain sector from a Canadian perspective and incorporating global standards has been incredibly advantageous for advancing my career. My instructors are understanding and ensure that classes are interactive and informative in a virtual learning environment. The student activities and sessions have been invaluable to me. Each day I’m learning new skills and gaining knowledge.”


Anisha Panda
Supply Chain Management – Enterprise Resource Planning


“My experience at Loyalist College in Toronto has been very positive. The staff are accommodating and always engage students  in various academic and extra-curricular activities or events. There are many benefits to participating in the events including leadership, communication and teamwork development. The College’s IT support, administration and career staff are always eager to help out and provide solutions when needed. I’ve enjoyed my experience at Loyalist College in Toronto because it provided me with the opportunity to meet new friends and mentors as a prepare for a new career.”

Charmi Jagjivanbhai Patel
Cyber Security



“Loyalist College in Toronto has provided me with a quality education. The instructors are experienced, skilled in their respective fields, and always willing to answer questions and provide academic or personal support to students in times of need. The College staff are also very cooperative and actively respond to student questions through email. The College puts a great effort into organizing student clubs and fun activities including a singing contest and other talent shows in which winners are announced and rewarded. The College even offers one-on-one appointments with the Career Centre where students can receive guidance and helpful tips for self-improvement while navigating our future careers.”

Gurnoor Singh
Computer Systems Technician

“The best choice I made during the past few years was going to Loyalist College in Toronto. The College helped me keep up with my grades and fuelled my ambitions amidst the pandemic. Every instructor that I had was excellent. Their teaching was not limited to the Canadian economy but also had a global perspective. All the professors had in-depth knowledge and encouraged me to push myself to learn more. Living in a new country on my own was challenging but Loyalist College in Toronto always made students feel safe and protected. The College also made sure that I had a part-time job and offered endless support while searching for employment. Studying at Loyalist College in Toronto was one of the best experiences of my life. I will cherish these moments throughout my career journey.”

Herlin Christi George
Supply Chain Management – Enterprise Resource Planning


“At Loyalist College in Toronto I learned how to enhance my career. As a member of the student support team I was given various tasks where I received hands-on experience that directly benefited my skillset. The workshops and events hosted by the College were entertaining, valuable and encouraging. The staff at the College worked hard to boost our personal and mental growth. By attending these sessions, my perspective was changed for the better. My life has transformed since I decided to attend Loyalist College in Toronto and I am proud to be a small part of the Loyalist College family. I hope everyone going to college experiences the same.”
Kamya Pradeep Panjwani
Cyber Security



“Loyalist College in Toronto provides quality education and focuses on student success and career development. The amazing faculty and staff, who are ready to help and provide personal attention in all circumstances, have encouraged me to reach my goal of scoring the highest grades in my program. In addition, the activities and events that the College hosts have helped me find my hidden talents and interests. The welcoming and diverse culture at Loyalist College in Toronto makes it a perfect educational institution in which to be a part.”

Mohammed Iqrar Saiyed
Supply Chain Management – Enterprise Resource Planning




I am proud to be a student at Loyalist College in Toronto. Studying in virtual classes was new and challenging for me but it has been a fantastic experience. I began my studies attending classes from my home country and found my online class schedule convenient and the class material easy to read and understand. I have built strong relationships with my classmates and instructors. They have helped me grow personally and professionally.

Padampreet Kaur
Computer Systems Technician




“Loyalist College in Toronto has provided the opportunity to explore my skills and talent. The College has welcomed my culture and the instructors are committed to helping students succeed in a positive learning environment. The College hosts beneficial workshops including effective communication, women empowerment, and job-placement workshops that are invaluable to my personal and professional development.” 

Preeti Devi




“My experience at Loyalist College in Toronto has brought a new change in my life. A disciplined timetable, work efficiency, acquiring global affairs and workplace knowledge are my biggest strengths developed by the College. Adjusting to being a student was challenging at first but the support by the College administration was outstanding. They provided assistance to me for everything related to academics, careers, internships, and understanding the housing and culture in Canada. They encouraged me to be independent and build my own identity. Loyalist College in Toronto helped me create the best version of myself.”

Shreya Garg
Global Business Management


“In my opinion, Loyalist College in Toronto is the best college in Ontario. I felt confident when I sent in my application and knew I had made the right choice when I landed in Canada. From the moment I arrived, the College instructors and staff made me feel right at home. I was so impressed when Loyalist College was one of only a few colleges in Ontario on the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) list with an approved COVID-19 Readiness Plan. To me, this proved their unwavering dedication to international students navigating the transition into Canada from abroad. The International Team works hard to support each student. Each time I email the team I get a quick reply back!” 

Sneha Bashaboina
Hospitality Management – Canadian Hotels & Resorts


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