Prior to Arriving on Campus

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Loyalist College is tracking who is on campus at all times. When you arrive at the College, you will be required to check-in, then check-out when you leave. QR Code posters similar to the one shown below are located at the entranceways for checking in and out. You can save some time by pre-registering prior to arriving at campus for the first time.

To pre-register:

Use your cell phone camera to scan the QR Code below. The code will forward you to the EVA check-in website. Complete the form to check-in and register. The EVA check-in app is also available from both the Google Play store and the Apple App store, but is not required.

Having trouble scanning the QR code with your phone camera?

  • Ensure you are on Wifi or your mobile data is turned on.
  • Install a free QR code reader app such as Google Lens.

You don’t have a cell phone?

  • No worries, campus Security will check you in upon arrival on campus.

Travelling to Campus


  • Parking permits can be ordered online through the myLoyalist portal under “Order Parking Permit”.

  • Parking permits can be paid for online through debit or credit card.

  • Once ordered, parking permits will be available for pick-up at the SAL Help Desk beginning August 24 from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Parking permits will be available for purchase in person via debit or credit at the SAL Help Desk as well. Due to COVID-19, cash payments for parking permits will not be accepted.

For parking permit options and further details, visit our Parking Permit web page

 If you have any questions regarding parking permits, please contact the Service Desk (

Belleville Public Transit

  • If you use public transit, please visit the City of Belleville’s Transit website for details.

On Campus Processes & Procedures 

In preparation for your visit to campus, please review the following for processes and procedures.

Common areas 

  • Gatherings without physical distancing measures in place are not permitted, whether for meals or discussions in the hallways.
  • Many sanitizing stations were installed, including at the entrances, near the washrooms, and near the water fountains. Make sure to use them!


  • Washrooms will be disinfected regularly throughout the day.  
  • Washroom occupancy may be limited in smaller washrooms to permit distancing.  
  • You are required to wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds when you leave, dry with paper towel, and use the towel to open the door. Discard the towel in trash receptacle outside the door.

Hydration stations

  • Currently, our bottle refill stations are operational and posted with safe use protocols, but water fountains remain disabled as a safety measure.

  • Please bring your own filled reusable water bottle from home, and refill if needed through the day.

Meals and dining areas

  • Food services in the Dining Hall will be open on a limited basis.
  • We encourage students to please bring any required meals or snacks from home.
  • Do not share food with others.  
  • You may use the picnic tables outside for meals. Do not forget to maintain a physical distance of 2 metres at all times.
  • It is strictly prohibited to bring tools, equipment or other material to the dining area.
  • For dining hours of operation, please visit

Vending Machines

  • We plan to leave one bank of vending machines just inside the Dining Hall in Kente Building (please use hand sanitizer before and after using these).  

Mandatory Face Masks 

In alignment with a recent Hastings Prince Edward Public Health announcement on mandatory masking, all individuals must wear non-medical masks/face coverings inside Loyalist College buildings.

The College will provide students and staff with reusable cloth masks; we encourage you to bring these masks with you when coming to campus. If needed, a supply of disposable masks is available on-site, including at the main entrance.

There are some exceptions that apply. A mask is not required if you:

  • Are outdoors and maintain a two-metre distance from others;
  • Have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask/face covering safely;
  • Are behind a physical barrier, such as plexiglass; or
  • Are in an area not open to the public (e.g. in a private office) and your workspace permits a two-metre distance from others.

Masks are still required when you are:

  • Entering and leaving campus buildings;
  • Travelling to or through public areas such as hallways or washrooms; or
  • Are within two metres of another person without a physical barrier in place.

Social Distancing Maps: Kente & Pioneer Buildings

Download the College’s Kente and Pioneer building maps to familiarize yourself with the layout and flow of the College.

Social Distancing Maps

Your Fall 2020 Road Map