What does it take to teach OTFT?

Loyalist Faculty are committed to the principles and practices of a learning-centred teaching and learning community creating brighter futures, greater prospects, and endless possibilities for our students,

An other-than-full-time professor will facilitate the delivery of courses incorporating a variety of teaching, learning and assessment strategies which are designed to successfully meet the needs of learners.

Responsibilities of an Other Than Full Time (OTFT) Professor:

• Ensures that program and course curricula are current, relevant and reflective of best practices within the relevant professional/program disciplines
• Creates an effective environment for learning which accommodates students’ diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, experiences, and individual learning styles
• Develops and implements course learning outcomes and alternative delivery strategies, ensuring that they support and reflect program goals
• Assures that students are aware of all relevant learning outcomes, learning strategies and assessment techniques
• Assesses student achievement of learning outcomes and supports student progress through individual tutoring, academic counselling and timely feedback
• Develops multi-media materials and alternative delivery strategies, and incorporates appropriate educational technologies into the learning process
• Assists in the recruitment of placement and job opportunities for students, where applicable
• Engages in ongoing faculty development opportunities and completes all related compliance requirements
• Liaises effectively with internal and external partners to create and maintain a collaborative and relevant learning environment

Qualifications for an Other Than Full Time (OFTF) Professor:

• Minimum two (2) year diploma or degree from a recognized institution in a related field of study
• Minimum of 3 years’ current, relevant industry experience
• Professional designation, certification, Journeyman or Red Seal recognition is a strong asset
• Excellent grounding in best practice and emerging, knowledge, skills and attitudes in the field
• A proven commitment to achieving and developing excellence in others
• A commitment to life-long learning in the field
• A proven ability to work within a collaborative environment, demonstrating flexibility
• Exceptional communication and organizational skills
• Computer literacy, including MS-Excel, and a demonstrated willingness to acquire and use learning tools (such as Loyalist’s “Blackboard” System) commensurate with departmental requirements
• Demonstrated effective interpersonal and problem-solving skills, conflict and stress management, and resiliency
• Experience developing, delivering and evaluating appropriate curriculum is an asset
• Significant experience facilitating learning at the post-secondary/adult level demonstrating a commitment to excellence in teaching and learning