Fit to Learn and Fit to Work

Message from the President

SUBJECT:   Fit to Learn and Fit to Work – Recreational cannabis strictly prohibited on campus
DATE:         October 15, 2018

On October 17, the following legislations will come into effect: The Federal Government’s Cannabis Act, also known as Bill C-45, and the Ontario Government’s Bill 36, Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act, allowing cannabis smoking wherever tobacco is permitted.

Loyalist strictly prohibits recreational cannabis on Loyalist College property, and we will continue to do so. Building on the Student Code of Conduct (AOP 209), we will be introducing the Fit to Learn and Fit to Work College operational policies and procedures, which will be posted here.

Loyalist is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and productive environment for students, staff, faculty and the community. This week, we will start to roll out a marketing campaign to educate the College community on the health risks associated with cannabis use, including problems with thinking, memory or physical co-ordination; impaired perceptions or hallucinations; brain growth; and mental health problems and cannabis dependence.

As part of our commitment to Health and Wellness, we are focused on proactively creating a culture of wellness for the betterment of students, staff and faculty. As such, Loyalist expects students to be fully prepared to learn and participate in campus activities. Therefore, we also expect students to refrain from using impairing substances – legal or illegal – that will negatively affect their ability to learn or perform activities safely and competently.

We also expect that all employees and contractors working at the College will refrain from using impairing substances – legal or illegal – before or during work hours that will negatively affect an individual’s ability to perform their duties safely, competently and efficiently.

Given the recent introduction of Bill 36, the College will move toward becoming a smoke-free campus on January 1, 2019, providing students and employees who would like to quit smoking with several weeks to pursue cessation programs.

We know smoking and second-hand smoke are public health hazards.  We also know from the Canadian Cancer Society that smoke-free campuses not only provide protection from the cancer risks of second-hand smoke, but also discourage tobacco use among young people.

To learn more about how to stop smoking and to access support, students can contact the Loyalist Student Health Centre:

As of January 1, smoking or vaping tobacco will be prohibited in all indoor and outdoor areas, and in vehicles on campus, by any person at our Belleville and Bancroft campuses and Port Hope Satellite location. All events hosted on our campuses will also be smoke-free. A number of Ontario colleges have moved to a smoke-free campus, including St. Lawrence College, Algonquin College and Durham College. 

For Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

Thank you in advance for contributing to our safe, healthy and clean campuses,

Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan
President & CEO
Loyalist College