Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre


Our goal is simple – your success. Our specialty is workplace learning and performance. For organizations, we aim to be part of your business team. For individuals, we’re here as part of your career planning.

Our pledge is Skills that WORK, so that you, your people and your organization flourish. By flourish, we mean we are acutely aware of ROI and the goal of any investment – bottom line.

Our best clients have a specific training need, either for management development or new skills for workers. They need responsiveness that goes beyond simply scheduling courses – to helping manage scheduling and obtain funding.

So however you’re looking to leap forward – upgrading skills or efficiency, growing sales or management skills, or keeping qualifications current – consider Loyalist College your Training and Knowledge Centre.

Browse the courses on our website loyalisttraining.com and see what suits your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us at ltkc@loyalistcollege.com – we’re here to help.

For yourself

We’re your bridge between a job and a career. Now, more than ever, you may want to qualify for a better position, increase your chances for a promotion or apprenticeship – even start a whole new career. Many courses are eligible for Skills Development or Second Career funding. We can advise and help you apply.

Corporate and business training 

Whether you need Corporate Leadership, or Specific Skills Training we’re ready for you – we’ll even conduct sessions at your workplace. And since your needs may be unlike any others, we’re ready to customize and provide precisely what you need.

Our unique four-step learning system  

Our system has made us one of the most highly respected training and development centres for small and medium-sized businesses, manufacturers, retailers, federal and provincial government agencies, and municipalities.

  1. Specific outcomes: We start by identifying what your people and organization need to achieve, and outline precisely what they will take away from their LTKC experience.
  2. Unique tools: In addition to the essential learning and instruction you’d expect to find at any learning institution, LTKC has developed unique methodologies and experiential working materials that can add depth and dimension to the learning.
  3. Metrics: Trainee testing and evaluation ensures that your specific outcomes are achieved. Measuring student success is how we measure our own.
  4. Reinforcement: Wherever possible, we endeavour to make the learning real by following up with organization clients and trainees back in the workplace. A reminder note or questionnaire can have the effect of creating “Oh yeah!” moments, when trainees are reminded of their learning in real-life work situations.

Programs that fit the needs of today’s businesses

Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre has a constantly evolving roster of most-needed courses and programs. Listed below are just a few:


  • High performance programs customized for Ontario’s municipal leaders.

Corporate and business

  • Self-Managed Leadership
  • 3A’s of Leadership and Authority
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Machinist Multi-Skilling
  • Giving Performance-related Feedback
  • Human resources Essentials for Front-line Supervisors and Managers
  • Maximizing Employee Contributions
  • Computer skills

Individual skills certificates

  • Gearing Up – Canada’s Motorcycle Skills Course 

LTKC – Loyalist College 

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