The Weston Family Scholarship in the Skilled Trades

The Weston Family Foundation

In 2013, Loyalist and the Weston Family Foundation announced a three-year pilot project at Loyalist College providing financial support to students entering skilled trades programs. The Weston Family Scholarship offers tuition and bursary incentives to help students train for and succeed in this growing labour market. What began with a total commitment of $240,000 for 60 students, The Weston Family Scholarship has since grown and will provide support for more than 225 students entering skilled trades programs through 2022.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, recipients who maintain a specified minimum average along with meeting other scholarship program requirements, may receive up to $2,000 in bursaries from the Weston Family Foundation and tuition credits from the College. The Weston Family Scholarship provides incentives for students to go beyond a one-year certificate to earn a diploma or complete apprenticeship training, enabling them to turn a job into a career. The goal for both the Weston Family Scholarship’s post-secondary and apprenticeship option is 100 percent completion. This program at Loyalist will be one that continues to lead other colleges forward in building a stronger workforce. Read more at

Students can access the application through their myLoyalist portal.

Selection Criteria:

  • Applicants must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Demonstrated passion, desire, and motivation to build a successful career in the skilled trades
  • Applying to the first year of one of our eligible full-time skilled trades programs
  • Commitment to maintaining a minimum of a 60% grade point average
  • Willingness to provide mentorship to other students considering or who have entered skilled trades training programs
  • Attend team meetings and information sessions as required, both virtually and in-person
  • Identifies how the bursary will improve the opportunity of successfully completing your program
  • All required documents are completed and received prior to the submission date
  • Remain in good standing as a Weston Scholar

Eligible Apprenticeship Programs          

Eligible Postsecondary Programs

Selected Post-Secondary Education (PSE) participants will:

  • Receive an initial bursary payment of $1,000 at the beginning of the first semester of their PSE program

  • Receive a one-time tuition bursary (approximately $1,512) from Loyalist College, to help offset semester one tuition costs

If the selected student maintains a minimum 60% average throughout their academic studies and meet other program requirements:

  • They will receive an additional payment of $1,000 at the beginning of semester two of their PSE program, with the condition the student remains in good standing as a Weston Family Scholar
  • If funding permits and the student continues to remain in good standing, they will receive an additional payment at the beginning of their third semester

Selected Apprenticeship participants will:

  • Receive a one-time bursary payment of $2,000 at the beginning of the first level of apprenticeship
  • Receive a one-time tuition bursary upon (approximately $400) from Loyalist College, to help offset level one apprenticeship tuition costs

Interested in applying?

The deadline for applications for students beginning post-secondary and apprenticeship programs during the Fall 2022 semester is October 7, 2022


Check out some of these videos to learn more about the Weston Family Scholarship in the Skilled Trades:

Ask a skilled trades student

Are you interested in exploring a career in the skilled trades? Are you unsure of your exact area of interest, or just want to know more about the choices out there? Loyalist offers an opportunity to explore a range of disciplines. Get answers to your questions about training at Loyalist, what the professors are like and what kind of hands-on experience to expect… and whatever else is on your mind. Our skilled trades student mentors are happy to answer your questions. Our student mentors are recipients of the Weston Family Scholarship. Click below to find out who they are. You will get a response by email within 48 hours (Monday to Friday).