Residence Life

Residence Activities

Here at Loyalist we have programming built into members of our Residence Life Team. Through the nature of these positions, we are able to service student needs at times that are convenient for them (evenings) at the same time ensuring a memory-filled and extremely fun year through a smorgasbord of events. Catering to all personality types, the programming schedule contains activities to ensure that all students have a chance to participate.

An example of some activities includes:

  • Orientation
  • BBQs
  • Movie nights
  • Poker nights
  • Open Mic nights
  • Poetry contests
  • House challenges
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Trips to major league sporting events and much, much more!

All of these activities provide a great opportunity for you to make Residence what you want it to be. Get involved and make new friends, meet new people, and spend time outside of studying and school in a fun, safe and healthy way!

Residence Programming

Loyalist College Residence Staff aim to provide an enriching experience through a curricular approach to programming. We are committed to delivering an outstanding learning experience that will help mold the person you will become when you leave here. To do this, we will focus on four learning goals with specific outcomes that will complement your educational experience. We consider the uniqueness of every individual and provide opportunities for self-realization, self-authorship, development and growth, all packaged into fun, engaging and exciting programs. When you leave Residence, you will be

primed for success and ready to take on the world, or at least the next phase of your life. Our learning
goals and outcomes are as follows:

a. Practical Competency: Learning and refining the necessary skills to live and pursue future goals independently

  1. Develop and manage self-care and independent living skills
  2. Demonstrate ability to adopt new practices and to seek resources when needed
  3. Understand and incorporate multiple perspectives into decision making and critical thinking
  4. Increase employability by acquiring experiences, knowledge, and applicable skills and abilities

b. Personal Identity & Wellness: Refine personal identity and what it means to act in congruence with one’s beliefs and values while managing a healthy relationship with yourself and others

  1. Strengthen personal identity by clarifying values, beliefs and opinions on events happening around them
  2. Practice resiliency by recovering and learning from setbacks and disappointments
  3. Explore physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness based on personal interest
  4. Practice healthy and safe habits regarding alcohol and other drugs through the use of campus/local resources

c. Community Engagement & Respect: Discover a sense of belonging to various communities and respectfully contribute as an accountable and caring member

  1. Engage in opportunities to explore personal values and how they intersect with communities
  2. Serve the community by identifying ways to make a positive difference and to serve others
  3. Engage in healthy, respectful and inquisitive conversation with those who share different beliefs, values and culture
  4. Identify one’s roles, rights and responsibility in the community
  5. Appropriately challenge injustices and unfair behaviour that threatens the community’s ability to support, enhance, and respect all members

d. Sustainability: Incorporate social and environmental practices and be aware of the impacts of their actions

  1. Understand the natural systems that make life on earth possible and how we can support and protect them
  2. Understand how human communities impact our ecosystems
  3. Promote, encourage and maintain sustainable practices
  4. Understand how their personal choices affect their carbon footprint and how to reduce it