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Loyalist Double Diplomas Expand Students’ Career Opportunities

May 13, 2009

Twice the credentials, in a shorter length of time, at a lower cost — Loyalist students are entering the workforce with double diplomas on their resumes. Recognizing the transferable credits and skills a student earns while completing their initial diploma, the college provides the opportunity for students to continue into many other programs with direct entry into the second year, course exemptions, or bridge programs during the summer months to prepare them for advanced standing within the program. This enables many students to complete two two-year diplomas within three years time, reducing their post-secondary costs, broadening their education and expanding their career opportunities.

Joelle McIntyre graduated from the Fitness and Health Promotion program in June 2008 and obtained advanced standing allowing her to enter into the second year of the Business Sales and Marketing program last fall. “Prior to applying for the Business program I met with the program coordinator. Based upon my academic standing I qualified for direct entry into second year and was exempted from one of the business courses in the third semester.

“While enrolled in the Fitness and Health Promotion program I really enjoyed my business classes, especially the sales and marketing one. I’m creative and I thought that marketing would allow me to bring that element into my work. Now I can work in a fitness centre or recreational facility as a trainer, program coordinator, events manager or in marketing and sales — almost anything. Another area where I can use these skills would be in a marketing firm, creating ads and campaigns for fitness services and industries or sell the services. The combination of the two diplomas has prepared me to be a greater asset to my employer with a diversified skill set.

“The opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience in both fields served to build my confidence and awareness of the many career choices I have. In my first program I was a student trainer for the athletics department and one of the few responsible for attending all the varsity games to provide first aid and injury prevention. This year I’ve job shadowed with the Economic Development Officer for the Stirling-Rawdon Township and interned with the Belleville Downtown Improvement Area. The scope of these areas is incredible and my experiences made me realize that event planning and marketing are the areas that I would like to work in.

“The faculty worked with me to help me achieve my goals. Loyalist is a community in which everyone knows and supports you and wants you to succeed — while having fun at the same time. The past three years have been the best of my life. I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime. It’s been great.”

Joelle will graduate with her Business Sales and Marketing diploma in June 2009 — two diplomas within three years. To learn more about the flexibility of Loyalist’s full range of career-oriented program options click here: Programs and Courses.