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Loyalist Students Curate Art Exhibit for Community

December 08, 2011

Opening night for Glassbox Showcase was held on December 6 at Loyalist College. The art exhibit, which featured the works of local artists, was curated by the college’s Art and Design Foundation students in conjunction with the Quinte Arts Council and the John M. Parrott Art Gallery. The submissions, created by a diverse group of artists, ranged from traditional painting to welding sculpture.

Art and Design Foundation is a one-year certificate program designed to enable students to explore a variety of media, gaining a balance of skills in fine art and design. Glassbox Showcase gave students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in all aspects of art exhibit organization and promotion.

“Glassbox Showcase was a great opportunity to talk with local artists and gain experience in all aspects of running an art exhibit from start to finish,” said Ricarda Forbes head of the curating team for the exhibit and a student in the Art and Design Foundation program. “With the first semester under our belts, the direction of my career path has changed from being a fine arts painter to curator. After my graduation from Loyalist College in the spring, I’ll be focusing on criticism and curatorial practice, hopefully at OCAD U. Without the chance to try my hand at curating and everything that comes along with running a show, I would never have learned that I have talent for communicating with the public within the art world.”

Robert Kranendonk, Coordinator of the Art and Design Foundation program, explained why this dimension was incorporated within the program. “This exhibition was an excellent opportunity for the students to be involved in and understand all the steps with respect to curating an exhibition. Many colleges do not cover curatorial work as part of their curriculum. At Loyalist we believe it is an important component to round out the students’ learning experience.

“Carol Feeney, Executive Director of the Quinte Arts Council, and Susan Holland, Curator of the John M. Parrott Art Gallery, were very excited about the students having this opportunity and for members of the Quinte Arts Council to be represented in the exhibit. Together they came to our Community Connection class to lay the foundation of expectation. I was thrilled to see it all come to fruition and it was a fantastic way to showcase the exhibition space that Loyalist College has in the new Link Lounge.”

The Art and Design Foundation program introduces students to traditional and digital media, leading to the development of a broad-based portfolio. Students may choose to identify a specific sector within the art and design industry and build a portfolio targeting that area. This specialization has enabled graduates of the program to be accepted into further studies in the programs of their choice including York University Graphic Design, OCAD U Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Interior Design at Sheridan College. It is an ideal opportunity for those who have a creative flair – with or without previous drawing or computer skills – to explore the wide range of career options available.

For information about the Art and Design Foundation program and other programs in the Loyalist College School of Media Studies click here.