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June 05, 2015

By Alicia Brunton

Four months into the Esthetics program, I started The Beauty Geek Blog ( I decided I wanted to create an outlet for myself when I needed some down time and I wanted to help individuals who wanted advice, product reviews and the basic teaching techniques of the skincare world without confusing or complicating them. Now, more than five years in, this website has created so many opportunities for me. I have worked alongside reputable skincare companies and reviewed their products, written for them and created their social media marketing strategies. I have been invited to International Spa Shows, Vancouver Fashion Week, Toronto Fashion Week, and Spring Event at Metropolis Metrotown, among other events.

When I graduated I knew I wanted to dive into the industry but I was more focused on skincare itself and learning about the benefits of product ingredients, where they are manufactured, shelf life, and how organic they are. I started working in a spa as an esthetician and I loved every minute of it, but I always wanted more. When providing services, I found myself constantly talking with clients about why this ingredient was good for this skin type and why they should use it this way. It was rewarding to help clients. From the two-year Esthetics and Spa Management program, I learned retail sales and knowledge, which has given me an industry advantage over graduates of shorter esthetics programs. 

In 2013, I moved to British Columbia because I wanted a challenge. I started working for skincare companies, managing businesses and people, and found enjoyment from the business side of the spa industry. Recently, I created an online magazine called Spa Vancouver Magazine (, where I visit spas all over British Columbia and review their services, treatments and overall experiences. I wanted to create an avenue where people can easily find a spa with the best atmosphere to suit them. My plan is to continue writing and growing the success of my websites while enjoying the skincare world.

“For Loyalist’s most recent Esthetics and Spa Management grads – and all Loyalist grads – I would say that if you have an amazing idea, run with it. Just keep learning, listening and studying the industry because it’s growing. Build on your talents.”