Transfer Credit and Exemption FAQ

What are transfer credits?

Transfer credits are awarded in recognition of credits earned from an external institution. Students must submit a completed transfer credit application to the Pathways Coordinator. Not all transfer credit requests will be approved.

A non-refundable $25 processing fee is charged per external transfer credit, up to a $125 maximum per semester. This fee must be paid before the application is processed.

What are exemptions?

An exemption is assigned in recognition of academic credit deemed by the College to be sufficiently similar to the program curriculum to warrant an exemption.  Students must submit a completed exemption application to the Pathways Coordinator or to their Program Coordinator. 

There are no fees for exemptions. 

Who can apply for a Transfer Credit or Exemption?

Students from Loyalist’s main campus and Distance Studies can apply for Transfer credits and Exemptions. Students from Loyalist Toronto Campus must contact Roni Srdic at

When can I apply for a transfer credit?

Students must submit the completed Transfer Credit Application with all support documents to the Pathways Coordinator or to their Program Coordinator for transfer credit(s) within the first 10 school days of the start of the academic semester if they wish to drop a class for the current semester. Transfer Credits for future semesters can be submitted at any time. 

What documentation is required?

It is the student’s full responsibility to acquire and supply all supporting documents. All documentation must be available and submitted at the time the application is completed. 

  • Official transcripts – Photocopies, scanned or unofficial transcripts will not be accepted. We will only accept emailed transcripts id emailed directly from the institution to the pathway coordinator or through
  • Course outlines – Course outlines must have an applicable school header, course code, and year. They must list course learning objectives on them to be used. 
  • An official international credential evaluation (WES, ICAS) is required for all courses from non-Canadian institutions applying for transfer credits. 
  • Military MPRR (if applicable)

What shows up in the transcript for transfer credits?

Courses approved for transfer credit are listed on the academic transcript with a code of TC but are not computed in the program weighted average.

What is the time limit to use a course toward a transfer credit?

Transfer credits will not be granted if the initial credit was obtained more than seven (7) years prior to the request.

Who assesses and approves the transfer credit documentation?

The Program Coordinator or faculty will usually assess the transfer credit documentation. The School Dean or designate will make the final decision based on the material provided and specific program requirements. You can also find a list of previously assessed exemptions and transfer credits here. For previously assessed courses, we only require the official transcript and transfer credit or exemption application. 

How many courses can I transfer?

Students may not receive transfer credit for more than 75% of a program’s requirements for diploma programs and 50% for degree programs. Transfer credits will not be added to the student’s record until the student has registered at the College.

If you would like to discuss your options further, please contact