Credit Transfer and Exemption Application

Applying for transfer credits and exemptions is easy. Make sure you have all your documentation ready and apply below.

Here’s how it works:

  • You must apply for transfer credits within the first 10 school days of the academic semester. 
  • You will need to provide all supporting documents at the of your application or you could be asked to resubmit. Do not apply if you do not have all your documentation ready.
    • Official transcripts  – Photocopies or unofficial transcripts will NOT be accepted. 
    • Course outlines – Course outlines must contain the course code, the year/semester they were taken, and have learning outcomes attached. Course descriptions will not be accepted.
    • International credential evaluation (WES or ICAS) for courses from non-Canadian institutions.
  • Transfer credits are only granted for credits obtained within seven years of the request.
  • Students may not receive transfer credit for more than 75 percent of a program’s requirements, and 50 percent for degree programs. 
  • Transfer credits will not be added to the student’s record until the student has registered at the College.
  • Fill out one submission per course. Do not submit for multiple courses in one submission. 
  • Students from Loyalist College’s Belleville, Bancroft, and Port Hope campuses, as well as distance studies (OntarioLearn), can apply for transfer credits and exemptions by applying below. 
  • Toronto campus students must contact Roni Srdic at before applying for an exemption or transfer credit. 

The application must be filled out completely and accurately or it will be automatically denied. Please note that giving any false documentation is considered academic dishonesty and is a breach of AOP 216 Academic Integrity.

Credit Transfer and Exemptions Application Form

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