Join us for Spring Orientation 2023!

We’re bringing you everything you need to start College life for Spring 2023!

Orientation brings you everything you need to start College life. On this page, you will find a schedule of events, highlights, and helpful resources for Spring Orientation at Loyalist College.

Pre-Orientation Schedule

Academic Orientation

Spring Orientation Schedule

Top Ten Highlights

*Please note that the schedules are subject to change. Please continue to check this page for event updates and registration details. For more information and helpful resources, click here.

Your Orientation Top Ten – Don’t Miss These Highlights!

  1. Explore Canvas:
    Canvas is Loyalist’s learning management system. Log on to take the Canvas Orientation Course to get a jump-start on your Loyalist experience. 


  2. Virtual Pre-Orientation:
    Orientation from the comfort of home! Check out the schedule below to see all the Virtual Orientation sessions available May 2 – 3.


  3. Record Your Name with NameCoach on Canvas:
    Loyalist College has partnered with NameCoach, an easy-to-use app, to help others learn to say your name correctly. Visit the NameCoach tab in Canvas to upload a recording of the proper pronunciation of your name. 


  4. International Orientation:
    Are you an international student coming to Loyalist College? Check out our International Student Orientation page for all the programming tailored to you! 


  5. Orientation Day:
    May 8 is Orientation Day, the official start of Spring Orientation. No classes are scheduled, but all first-year students must attend a mandatory Academic Orientation from 9 – 11 am.  Check out the list below to find your program and scheduled classroom.


  6. Orientation Drop-In Centre:
    Check out the Orientation Drop-In Centre in the Peer Tutoring Centre (Room 3H8) from May 8 – 12 to ask questions, meet staff and faculty, and enjoy free snacks!


  7. Loyalist Life Events:
    Exciting events are happening on campus throughout the week! Be sure to check out the schedule below.


  8. Get Your Student ID Card:
    Unlock the Student Experience! Your Loyalist Student ID Card identifies you as a Loyalist College student and gives you access to college services, facilities and Shark Tank Pub events. 


  9. Meet Your Mentor Lunches:
    Enjoy a free pizza lunch while getting to know the Student Success Team! View the schedule here. 


  10. Free Spa Services:
    Unwind is hooking you up with FREE spa services on Thursday, May 11 from 2-4 pm!

Virtual Pre-Orientation Schedule:

The Pre-Orientation Sessions on May 2nd and 3rd are virtual and can be completed from the comfort of your home! 

9 am: Spring Orientation Welcome Session

  • Ask questions and get answers! This is your introduction to all things Orientation at Loyalist College. 

10 am: Strategies for Success

  • Discover tips and tricks to maximize your academic success and College experience.

11 am: Student Canvas Orientation

1 pm: Meet & Greet Games and Activities

  • Looking for a chance to meet your peers before school starts? Join us for a virtual meet and greet! 

Virtual Pre-Orientation Schedule:

Visit our Loyalist Life website for a detailed calendar of events! 


Academic Orientation Schedule:

Program Program Coordinator Date, Time Room
Carpentry & Renovation Techniques Tom Falcao  May 8, 9 – 11 am  2T4B
Bachelor of Science, Nursing (NRBS) – Bridging  Lana Stevenson  May 8, 9 – 11 am  3N27
Business TBD  May 8, 9 – 11 am  1H6
General Arts and Science  Ali MacDonald  May 8, 9 – 11 am  1N9
Project Management  Greg McGovern  May 8, 9 – 11 am  2H12
Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics  Terry Hickey  May 8, 9 – 11 am P22 (Pioneer Building)
Radiation Safety Melissa Hollandy  May 8, 9 – 11 am Port Hope Campus, 34 Walton St. Port Hope