We aim to enrich the culture of Wellness and quality of life for Loyalist students through programming, educational opportunities, and engagement initiatives.  

Loyalist College is full of initiatives across campus that support student Health and Wellness.   Check out all the amazing programming and supports below and click the links for more details.

Student Events and Activities

  • Wellness and Leadership Discovery Series
    Our Wellness and Leadership Discovery Series provides students an opportunity to grow in leadership and wellness through a series of workshops, seminars and certification opportunities outside of academic classrooms. Registration is limited but free. Students can be recognized for their participation.
  • Wellness Programming
    Wellness Programming is offered weekly across campus and includes sessions such as Martial Arts, Yoga and Meditation. Check out what is happening this week!
  • Wellness Coaching and Seminar Series
    Our Wellness Coaching services provide opportunities for students to get 1on1 wellness coaching, and the Seminar Series provides opportunities for faculty to book sessions in their academic classrooms.
  • Student Life Ambassador Team
    Our SLA team provides support and leadership to all of the campus events, programming and supports including our Wellness programming. Visit their page for more information on the team and how to apply.
  • Orientation
    Your first weeks are an important time to kick-start your experience at Loyalist. Whether you are starting your program in the Fall, Winter or Spring, we have Orientation Programming to support your transition.  
  • Fitness Centre
    Want to get in a workout? Check out our Fitness Centre!
  • The SPA
    Just looking to relax? Check out the SPA!

Student Resources

  • Student Success
    Our Student Success team provides
    AccessAbility Counselling and Tutoring Services.   
  • Financial Aid
    Have questions about your finances? Our Financial Aid Services is here to support you.
  • Health Centre
    If you require medical attention or advice check out our health centre.
  • Food Cupboard
    If you’re needing a bit of extra food check out our Food Cupboard. 
  • After-Hours Support
    If you are looking for guidance outside of typical work hours, please visit our After-Hours Support page.

For more information about Wellness@Loyalist please check out Loyalist Life.com or contact Ryan Stoness  rstoness@loyalistcollege.com