Buildings & Energy

Recent lighting improvements (retrofits, switches and sensors) implemented by our Facilities team will save over 100,000 kilowatts every year! Not only will we avoid over $11,000 a year in electricity costs, but we’re preventing the release of over 21 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (eCO2).  


Ongoing Improvements


The Facilities team continually strives to reduce the College’s environmental footprint through careful management of our heating and cooling system and through strategic upgrades. Recent examples include:

  • Replacing the electric domestic hot water heater in the Pioneer building with a gas system
  • High solar reflectance roofing upgrades
  • Installation of energy-efficient windows
  • Interior lighting retrofits, occupancy controls and reflectors
  • Installation of low-flow water faucets, along with occupancy controls for urinals

Energy reporting

Loyalist College has begun annual reporting of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Our reports can be found here:

Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan

To learn how Loyalist will build on its past successes and improve energy performance over time, check out our Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan.

Inquiries about the plan can be directed to Loyalist’s Sustainability Coordinator, at

Saving energy on standby

All computers automatically go into sleep mode when they are not in use. After careful research, it was determined that more energy and resources were used to power the computers on and off than to implement sleep mode practices.

LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver Accreditation

Loyalist is proud to have achieved this recognized standard of sustainability for The Bay of Quinte Skills Centre, a multi-use facility for technology and trades training. It features 45,000 square feet of ‘green’ space, including a living wall, with an additional 69,000 square feet for 20 teaching laboratories and shops, three research labs and six classrooms.

Living wall

Located in the Link Lounge, the living wall is a 25-foot self-sufficient vertical garden of approximately 345 plants, which uses a biofilter system to improve air quality. The Link Lounge, which connects The Bay of Quinte Skills Centre to the existing Kente Building, is the Student Government’s largest facilities management project to date and includes 6,135 square feet of student space.

Green Housekeeping Initiative

Loyalist has instituted a campus-wide Green Housekeeping Initiative to protect the health of College occupants and reduce our impact on the environment. Our Custodial Services team uses designated Green Seal and/or Ecologo Certified cleaning products to reduce exposure to potentially hazardous chemical contaminants that may adversely impact air quality and the natural environment.