Graduating Class, 1969wieger-electronic-engineering-technician-1967-1969
After graduation, I spent six months at Philco Ford in Toronto doing quality control audits on colour TVs. Then, went to Nortel in Belleville and performed PBX testing for a year. Next, I went to Automatic Electric in Brockville and performed technical repair on automation and test equipment for two years. Next, performed installation and commissioning of C1 EAX switching systems throughout Canada and the Dominican Republic. In 1977, I joined the AGT/Telus and worked there for 25 years performing corporate support for various telephone switching systems within Alberta. In 1966, my expertise allowed me to work for Alta Telecom International, where I performed support, interrogation and verification for the Nortel DMS switching family throughout Europe and Saudi Arabia. After the year 2000, I worked on Nortel products and Ciena fibre optic switches throughout the U.S.A. I retired in 2001 and performed part-time maintenance work at a seniors’ complex and assisted rolling out Super Net in Alberta. I fully retired in 2008 and am enjoying family, grandchildren, golf, fishing, travelling and going to Arizona for 2 – 3 months after January.

—Wieger Bakker, Electronic Engineering Technician, 1969

Photo: John Camron, Larry Brown, Dennis Archard, Mike Purdy, Larry Doyle, James Harrington, Instructor Mr. Turner, Wieger Bakker (third from right, front row), Allen Ray.